Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 13 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 13 August 2020, Lakshmi said don’t do this. Ganga says start the game. Ganga pulls her back and she hits Ganga. Guddan says, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were standing here. Ganga says, beat him. Gooden pulls him back, it hits the Ganges again. Guddan says why do you do this. You know we’ve maintained a distance. Ganga stood behind AJ and said I am safe here. Gadan hits the Ganges again. Gooden says why are you coming my way? Ganga says you can’t see.

Guddan says you know I can’t do anything right. Guddan took me to AJ’s room and hit him so no one else was hurt. Gooden says you come with me. I told you many times not to go into this but you did. Aj and Guddan come into the room. Ganga says my eyes are inside the room.

Gooden says I won’t listen to you. I hit you here in this room. Guddan closed the door and hugged Aje. The anus is full of tears. Gadan says what is wrong with Ganga. She’s going crazy. I hope she doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t say don’t say AJ. Guddan says I want my little one back.

Gooden remembers that Ganga’s phone was in her room. Guddan says she needs to know a little bit about the top location on her phone. You go there i will do this play here AJ jumps off the balcony.

Ganga cleans her wounds. Lakshmi says mother-in-law is very smart. Avinash says yes but Ganga is very smart. Avinash says that if Ganga gets the information, she will not leave me.

Saru says they are all scared. AJ climbed to Ganga’s room. Ganga looks at the sound outside the window. Gooden yells and says I’ll hit you. Ganga says no carry. AJ’s recording is playing Ah Gooden which hurts. Gooden hit a statue.

The Ganges looks inside. Gooden says you don’t care about your daughter. The recording says Gooden stop. What are you doing Ganga says she must be waiting for this moment. God, give me a chance to attack Avinash in the same way. AJ’s recording says I’m sorry I made a mistake.

AJ is looking for Ganga’s phone in her room. Ganga says why am I standing here? I should go and sit. She’s pretending to kill AJ. Gooden says I shouldn’t marry you. I wouldn’t have bothered with all this. I’m very stuck. Gooden sits down and shouts. Gooden shouts and says please save little god, I can’t stand this.

The little one cries. The kidnapper says you keep crying. You ate my brain. Stop it. He says you sent my brother to the hospital. You’ve corrupted the name. He picks her up and places her near the idol and hides her. A Pandit who knocks on the door. He says yes Pandit Ji says that we heard a child crying here. Is there a child here? Two pundits come inside. The man says, No, I’m alone here. Pundits say we can sit inside? They sit inside and pray to the idol. The peak is hidden behind it. The kidnapper began to chant. Pundits leave.

Ganga says guddan why did you stop? If you stop beating him, I will come in. Gooden says I’m on.
AJ looks into Ganga’s room. Durga said I can hear a lot of noise from the room. Is Gooden really hurting AJ?

Lakshmi said you know. She needs to embellish something. Avinash looks at someone in Ganga’s room. He says who is in Ganga’s room? Lakshmi says she could be AJ. The thugs go to Ganga’s room to check who is there. AJ is trying to find the location in Ganga’s phone. The thugs come out.

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