Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 14 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 14 August 2020, Avinash stops the thug and says where are you going? This is your boss’ and my room. I will tell Ganga you are attacking her privacy. He left. Avinash says I have to stop it. Gooden hit the statue.

Ganga says if AJ is hitting her then why not move it. Let me be sure Ganga comes towards the door and opens it. Ganga walked towards the room. Durga says stop. Ganga says who are you blocking me? They sit at her feet. Lakshmi says she meant she wanted to ask us something. What does Durga say? Durga says that we all want this belt.

Lakshmi says this is a good opportunity to heal our husbands too. Ganga says stop me. Lakshmi says please please you can make this plan for us. Ganga moves them away. Ganga says leave my feet. They warmed her feet. Durga says there is only one belt between us.

Lakshmi says that only a woman can understand a woman. Ganga says shut up, if you say another word, I will cut it short and give it to the dogs. They left her. Ganga says guddan, open the door. The anus is nervous.

AJ finds the location and says Dad is coming to you with me. The Ganges is measured up to three. Guddan looks down through the window. She is worried. Ganga tried to break down the door but someone opened it so she fell down. Ganga looks at him. This is AJ.

Ganga snatches. Guddan wiped his eyes. Gooden looks at AJ. Ganga said I thought you would not kill him but mother can kill her new husband for her child. Am i right AJ hits Gooden. Ganga says okay. Will you kill him? That’s enough for today. Ganga tells Avinash that there are wives like her too. I let you go easily.

Avinash says you left me, I will not let you do all that I am with you. Ganga asks Lakshmi to bring her breakfast. Everyone leaves. Ganga says Gooden did well. A new level is starting. This is Janmashtami, let’s see if your motherhood wins. All the best. She left.

Gooden says I’m sorry. I had to do this in front of her. Gooden says I’m sorry. AJ says you and Chhoti are my life. Nothing is more important than the two of you. Guddan hugs him. AJ says I’m fine. Gooden says I hope my little one gets back.

AJ says only time is coming. I got her location. I know where she is. Gooden says, let’s take her. Thank you Lord Krishna called Guddan. On your birthday you are giving us back our little ones. Gooden says thank you very much. I know you won’t keep her away from her parents. AJ says Chhoti is waiting for us. Let’s go

The thugs are eating. The little one cries. They tease her, do you want to eat? Pundits come and knock on the door. He says that we have come to invite you for Janmashtami Puja. The thugs covered the top with a blanket. She takes it off.

Pandit ji says who is this child? The thug says this is his child. The man says, Yes, I really love my wife. We ran and got married. Then God gave her to us after 9 months. My wife left the world when he pretends to cry and says. My friend has been helping me ever since. The pundits leave. The thug says you said this is my child. Others say I saved both of us. They argue where would we eat butter? Chhoti picked it up and is eating.

Durga Lakshmi says, I am really worried whether Chhoti came back or not. Lakshmi says, if Gooden had not gone I would have had to worry too. Don’t worry. She can do everything. She will bring back the little one. Kanha who is with us.

Ganga says take blessings from me instead. Don’t shed tears, I hate tears. Lakshmi says those tears are for Chhoti. Ganga says be happy for your real mill. Gooden says he will give us a small gift on Lord Krishna’s birthday. We don’t need tears. Ganga says overconfidence without listening to the next level? “Because of my stupidity, my motherhood is more powerful than your stupid game,” says Guddan.

Ganga says but you can only go out if you win and then bring her out. AJ says we don’t need your permission to leave our own home. Ganga says do it. I have locked the house. The door is sealed. See what Ganga says. She says no you have only one option. Win the game and take your daughter as a gift.

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