Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 17 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 17 August 2020, Ganga says I have closed the house at this different time. She has sealed the main gate. Ganga says, now you have only one option, get this game Zinc and your daughter. Are you scared Parents get scared when it comes to their children. I also suffer. Now it’s your turn. AJ yells at Ganga .. Gooden stops him. Ganga says yes you stop him.

Gooden says I’m ready. Ganga says we have no other choice. Ganga says it’s a lot to come with me. AJ says it’s either a lock or a Ganga challenge. Think through your mind to get to the top. Ganga says what are you discussing? Come here, don’t waste time.

Ganga says you have to make butter for Janmashtami, decorate the house, clean it and do it in an hour. How can she do it alone, said Lakshmi. Ganga says God has done so much for her, can’t she? Gooden says God does not give degrees for tots.

Guddan says God will take care of the little one and I will prepare Janmashtami here. I accept the challenge. Ganga says there is a difference between accepting and winning. Let me see how you do it. AJ looks around and says there must be some way to get out. Ganga says AJ, stop looking around. No one is coming to help. Make a list of the sweets your wife makes.

Ganga picked up her phone. The kidnapper says yes, I did it. Bring all the luggage through the back door. Gooden heard this and said it meant the back door was open. How do I report to AJ? Gooden says Ganga is an insect on his back. Ganga starts jumping and says oh my god. Check me out where Gooden says. Gooden sticks a note on her back and writes that the back is open.

AJ reads. Avinash says did you see the insect? Gooden says he was there. Ganga says bring my phone, I will look at the camera. She seems to have no insects. AJ sneezes. Ganga says why are you sneezing without a mask? He says I had the flu before Corona. He says I don’t have Corona.

Ganga says how do I agree? Ganga says get away from me. Lock in your room. Don’t risk my life here. Gooden says it’s okay I’ll handle everything here. AJ says I’ll be back soon. Ganga says as if you are going to a mountain.

Ganga said to Gooden, take the stuff from all this in just a minute. Lakshmi said how will she get the luggage in a minute? Ganga says you can get help from your DIL.

Saru says I have some work to do. She left. Guddan, Lakshmi and Durga begin to choose the material. Gooden says that’s how I choose it. Gooden puts everything on the trolley. Try to move it. Gooden says, please move it. This has to be done for the little ones.

Ganga comes to the parking lot and sees someone there. She says AJ is looking. Ganga says who are you? This is AJ wearing a turban and a mask. Ganga says take off this mask. AJ is wearing a beard and mustache. Ganga looks at his face and says how do you do? AJ says well. What Ganga is saying.

AJ says, please stay away from me. He says we are your neighbors. I came to offer prasad. He says I have to go now. Let me go aunty. She says how dare you call her aunt. AJ says goodbye Aunty G. Ganga is going to stumble him. She says get out of here. AJ says thank God, she didn’t recognize me.

The anus starts cooking. Lakshmi and Durga are helping her. Ganga said to Saru, go and start the game. Lakshmi takes rice. Saru hit her and all the rice fell down.

Guddan collects it in her double. Saru says I just came here to help. Gooden says I know how to fix people like you. I didn’t let a rice fall. Can you see that Ganga picks up a rice from the floor. She says you can’t handle everything. This will punish you for wasting a grain. I said I don’t want any mess, this challenge will end there.

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