Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 19 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 19 August 2020, Guddan prepares for Aarti. Lakshmi and Durga bring other things. AJ is outside the shed. He prays and says I know that Choti is around. I beg you to help me find it. Your Gudan is waiting for him.

I can not go empty handed. She cannot live Janmashtami without her daughter. Please, this is the last thing I am asking of you. The woman with the basket follows him.

Motu Patlu is following him. The woman left the basket there. A block from the building falls on the woman. AJ saves him and the basket. He says are you ok? She says thank you for saving my life. I will pray for you. AJ gives him the basket. AJ says why do I think Choti is around? All I want is my daughter. Nothing.

Ganga says are you with Janmashtami? Guddan says that Lakshmi, Durga please prepare for Aarti. Ganga says why everyone is doing Aarti? Does it return home? Guddan says that when my aunt returns, I will know it first. Ganga says that I thought you are doing this to come back to her. But this is again where you are begging. Please God, give me my daughter back.

Guddan says that God listens to us. Ganga says if she listens, will AJ be sitting ill in his room? And will you burn Durga? All this is rubbish. Gudden says it will be for you. Ganga says I am being heard, give me Aarti. His pallu catches fire. Ganga shouts, please help me. Please do something. Guddan extinguishes the fire. Lakshmi says that your relationship with God is broken.

Durga says that Guddan is being heard there. Ganga says she burnt you, didn’t you praise her? I put the sanitizer on the sari as to why this happened. Guddan says that it happened because you are victimizing an innocent child. You are paying for your sins. The Ganges comes out. Guddan tells Guddan not to cry. God is with our Choti Guddan.

Motu and Patlu are after the woman. They try to snatch her basket. The woman hits them vigorously and they run with the basket. Patlu says that this girl has beaten us so much. Motu says that if she were like this, how would her mother be? Motu asks Patlu to fetch water.

Motu falls asleep. Choti leaves from behind. Is a delivery man. Cheti crawls into her basket and sneaks into it. He picks her up and leaves. Guddan prays and says that I am confident that Choti will return. Guddan sees her (imagines) in the temple. the bell rings. Gudden feels something.

Guddon says AJ is Choti? The delivery man is out. Gudden says Choti .. She feels him. Guddan runs and opens the door. The delivery boy says does Ganga Jindal live here? Here is his parcel. He gives Gudden a basket. Guddan finds it strange. Ganga takes the basket before Guddan and says that it is mine. She walks in. Ganga asks Lakshmi to bring a plate. She says that I have ordered so much food.

Gudden says why do I think Choti is around? Why can’t I see it? Gudden looks at the basket. Gudden is about to take it, but Ganga says before taking it what do you want? My food? Gudden says I do not need your food. It has come from outside and needs to be sanctified. Ganga says I can. Guddan says that it is useless to expect anything good from you. Gudden feels strange about the basket. She sees it.

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