Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, Ganga tells Guddan that she is ready as if the engagement is hers and is insulting Avinash for standing in such boring clothes. Avinash says that he is doing wrong because they take a vow together and he has filled his mother.

Ganga says that soon Diljit will do the same and remind him that he went against her and broke their relationship. He asks Guddan to bring an engagement ring.

Gudden asks her to bring him herself after the engagement. Ganga says that if she brings the ring, her heart will feel at peace. She pushes Gudden to leave. Akshat clears her fist as Diljit gets up. Gudan escapes.

Ganga sits next to Diljit and then she gets a message. She goes aside and gets happy as her goons inform her that Choti will be put on the train in half an hour.

Guddan said that she thinks she has just half an hour to save Choti, so she needs to get out before it’s too late.

Ganga asks to perform this ceremony quickly as she is having a good time. He stands up and Diljit does the same. Guddan brings the ring and Ganga takes it.

Akshat looks at Guddan wondering why he looks so worried. Ganga asks where he is lost. He makes excuses that he is very happy and a lot of emotions are going into his heart. Ganga giggles and towards her hand to wear her ring.

Just then, Guddan intentionally kills Ganga who topples the ring. She yells at him and asks him to find the ring. Guddan also asks for help from Lakshmi and Durga.

Akshat says he will also search for the ring. Ganga says that it is not needed, but Akshat says that the sooner he finds the ring, the sooner it becomes his. He asks her to search for it as well.

Everyone starts searching for the ring. Pretending to find it, Akshat asks Gudden to whisper what happened. She tells him that Choti will be boarded in the train in half an hour so that she leaves to save him but Akshat does not want her to accompany dangerous people. He convinces Guddan to let him go. Gudden whispered something to him.

Ganga finds the ring and says that now she will hold it tightly. She is about to wear the ring to Akshat when she clenches her fist.

She looks He says that he needs to talk alone with her first. They move aside. Ganga asks what happened. Diljit says that he will not feel happy and will be able to engage with her until Choti’s work is incomplete.

Ganga says that she has done her setting. Akshat says that Motu Patlu is useless and he will be scared of his sneeze too.

He says that tension is visible on his face while he wants her to be happy on the day of their engagement. Ganga tells him to leave and puts Choti in the train.

Akshat accepts and walks. Durga and Lakshmi wonder why she is giving up their engagement.

Saraswati thinks that something is wrong for certain and follows Akshat. Ganga is happy to find such an obedient man. She feels lucky.

Akshat is about to leave the car when Gudan arrives and asks him to take care and soon returns with Choti. He gives her a pendant with an idol of Lord Krishna for her protection and wears it.

Akshat says he will return with Choti. They hugged and promised to return soon with Choti. He leaves.

Guddan sees Saraswati and is shocked. Saraswati saw everything and understood that AJ and DJ are the same person.

She says that she should inform Ganga. She passed away. Guddan says that she got stuck due to her feelings.

Saraswati is walking towards the house when a bangle falls near her. She sees it and becomes happy because it is a golden bangle with diamonds. She wears it.

Gudan comes to show her a diamond necklace. She gives it to Saraswati and says that all the ornaments she wore today are for her. She shows the jewels lying on the ground.

Saraswati starts raising them. Guddan says that she can do anything for her granddaughter Guddan.

Saraswati says that her game is over now as Jewel is with her and Choti is with Ganga.

Gudden locks her in the room she had reached while picking up the jewels and says that she will not be part of the game that has just started. Saraswati shouts for help.

Akshat approaches Motu and Patlu and asks them to give Choti as she is now with Ganga who wants to set him up for a child.

At first Patlu refuses but Motu convinces him that Ganga must have sent him. He handed over Choki to Akshat.

Guddan feels something and realizes that Choti is safe. However, Choki pulled Akshat’s beard and giggles.

Motu Patlu understood that he is not Akshat Jindal but Diljat. The latter says that he will now avenge the pain given to his daughter.

Akshat took off his turban and attached Choti to his chest. He takes out his bracelet and holds it in his fist. He kills Patlu with this and all the tears of his daughter because of him

Swears to avenge him, all the moments of hunger he has to suffer. He beats Motu and Patlu and then wears a kada on his wrist.

He smiles at Choti and then calls the police to handle the two goons. Laughing laughs. Akshat understands that he is excited to meet his mother and he leaves the place.

Gudden is getting restless and hopes to meet Choti soon. That’s when Ganga shouts her name.

Guddan angrily turns around just to face Ganga. The latter says that his game has been revealed. She asks if he thought everything would happen so easily and she would not know anything.

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