Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 20 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 20 August 2020, Guddan tells Ganga that she will sanctify her basket. If Ganga says, you should also make me holy. Guddan says that there is no use in talking to you when you have to do etiquette. She starts leaving but realizes Choti’s presence.

Choti comes out of the basket. Guddan goes to the temple and says to Lakshmi that I think she leaves here. Lakshmi says that you remember her. Gudden says no, I think he is here. If Lakshmi says we will be ready to welcome her. Guddan prays for his daughter in the temple. Choti is crawling towards him.

Guddan is leaving the temple and says why do I think Choti here? My Guddan meaning cannot be wrong. She is looking behind the table where Chot is hiding, but knocks Ganga at AJ’s door.

Gudden feels that she cannot know that AJ is not here. Ganga goes to the room and does not find AJ there. She asks Guddan where is he? Guddan says we had a fight, I don’t know. Ganga says don’t try to treat me smart. If you try to do something, I will hurt your pussy.

Guddan cried to Choti. Durga tells her that don’t worry, nothing will happen to Choti. The goons come there and ask them to stand. Guddan says no, we are not afraid of you. You are just some goons and think we will listen to you? You kidnapped my child and we cannot complete our challenge. I wish you would die with this gun.

She takes cues from her family and tells Goan that you will have to help me for this Janmashtami. We are just a few girls here so you have no shame? Honor God and help me take these things. They all nod their heads. Durga pointed at Guddan. Guddan thinks to trap Ganga. The goons start helping him. Guddan silently takes the phone from Gunday’s pocket and leaves.

Gudden calls AJ with a goon. He asks how are you? Guddan says, yes, Ganga knows that you are not home, so please protect Choti. AJ says I could not find him, but I am worried that I will find him before 12 noon today. Gudden cries and says that I think Choti is here but in secret.

AJ says you are a mother so don’t doubt your feelings. I promise to find him. Guddan says just come back home with my aunt, he cries and begs her. Ganga is out and is also looking for AJ. AJ walks the street with him, but he hides before he can see her. AJ feels that I have to follow Ganga to find Choti.

At home, the goon sees his phone disappearing and says I will shoot all of you. Tell me where my phone is. He is upset due to Guddan having a call. Gunda is about to shoot Ganga’s husband, but Gudden places the phone on the couch and says it is here. The goons take it and say that you are lucky. Guddan feels that God please get us Choti soon.

Ganga scolds her goons and says bring out the child, I want to see her. She opens the basket to see Chhoti. She beats her goons and says where is the child? I will not leave you She is about to call, but the goon puts a knife on her neck and says that we will not leave you now.

AJ is watching him when he sees the goons attacking Ganga. He comes there and beats them. Ganga looks confused as AJ is invincible as Sardar. He beats the goon and catches Ganga. Ganga holds her hand and says that you were caught.

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