Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 21 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 21 August 2020, Guddan says that there are only a few minutes left in the puja. Why do I think he’s nearby again? The statue is behind the statue. Gudden says why does he think so? Guddan walks towards the idol.

AJ arrives. Guddan says are you back? he nods. Gudden is in tears. Ganga is wearing a mask. Guddan says that if Choti is not here, we have to hide AJ from the Ganges. Gudden says AJ? Ganga says where is she? Did he come back? Gudden says that means she did not recognize him.

Guddan says I mean .. Gangs thugs come. Ganga says that she is our guest. Get breakfast Avinash says who is he? Ganga says that she saved my life. He is not a stranger. Avinash says what has happened to you? Ganga tells AJ, don’t worry. These guards are with me because I am rich.

Ganga says that it is for our safety. come inside. Saru asks Ganga, have you found AJ? What is your plan She says my only plan is to be with God. Ganga tries to impress AJ (disguised as the chieftain). Ganga says that I take care of my family very much. Like you took care of me and saved my life. She holds her hand.

Avinash says do you feel ashamed? He is a stranger. Ganga says I have nothing to do with you. Ganga says introduce me to my family. You didn’t tell me your name? AJ says that people call me Diljit Singh. She says you have won my heart Diljeet.

You are a hero like me A Makoy man. He says you’re macho? Avinash says what are you doing? She says that I am talking to Macho Man. He asks Lakshmi and Durga to bring him tea. Ganga says come sit please Cypress says what is happening? Ganga says are you jealous? Gudden thinks what is happening? AJ says how do I explain Guddan.

Ganga says there is juice. Your body will become even stronger. Lakshmi gives him juice. AJ spread it over himself. Laxmi says forgive me. Ganga says clean me up. He says its ok AJ goes to the toilet to clean up. Ganga says let me show her. Saru says that it is fine. Saru says let me tell you something important.

AJ says to Guddan, nothing happened. Ganga does not know about our plan. He tells Guddan what had happened. Ganga caught him. He took off his mask. Ganga said, you followed me here? You were outside my house. You called me aunt AJ said I’m sorry. Ganga said you saved my life. It is not easy to find a beautiful and kind leader like you. Ganga said, your hands are bleeding. AJ said I’m fine.

Ganga tells Saru. She says that she saved me and I brought her home. He killed the thugs like an action hero. Saru says, but you got married. Ganga says, I let your Phil go. AJ says I had to save Ganga because only she knows where our daughter is.

Ganga says that she is from a royal family of Punjab. Did you lose your heart with him? Ganga says that her magic worked on my heart. Saru says that if he is our neighbor, why don’t I know about him? What does Saaru say about Choti? Gudden says how we will find him.

Ganga says in the heart I cannot tell that she is not in my hands. Where does Cypress say he is? Ganga says that I don’t need to tell you. Saroo says AJ did not come home. What if he found Choti?

Saru says I am not you but our mission is the same. He is not a normal child. She is just like Guddan. He is the younger version of Guddan. Where is crest? Guddan says you promised me that we will do puja together. How and where will we find Choti? AJ says I’ll bring her back. This is still my promise.

Guddan says that I have no way now. I will do what Ganga asks. I will complete his challenge. I don’t want to hear anything now. AJ says Guddan .. Ganga comes there. Ganga says Diljeet you here? They say that I was looking for a toilet and saw Mrs. Guddan here.

My mother is his fan. She is a good actress. Ganga says that I was her fan but not now. AJ says not sure about the fan, but she is beautiful. Ganga says that you are happy to meet the superstar. He says that I needed cleaning. Ganga says come to my room. What does he say? Ganga says, I mean you can use the toilet there.

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