Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 22 July 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 22 July 2020, The entire Jindal family is overjoyed with the arrival of the new member. Lakshmi and Durga prepare for the pooja while the grandmothers are enthusiastic for the newborn child. Guddan is happy while holding his son and preparing to perform the first Aarti of the girl. AJ, on the other hand, talks to the doctor when he suddenly feels like someone is hiding behind a screen. Ganga and Alekh hide the conversation between AJ and the doctor and try to listen. AJ warns them to come out and exposes them.

Previous Episode – Gooden sees her newborn baby and promises to keep her child with her at all times. AJ tries to tell Gooden that the baby isn’t there but she doesn’t listen to him. Ganga and Alekh looked at Guddan, AJ and the newborn together and got angry. In the end, AJ decides to reveal the truth to Goodens but is unable to do so. AJ tells the whole family not to reveal the truth in front of Goodens. Ganga threatens the doctor and asks why the boy is not separated from Gooden. AJ called his lawyer and asked him to prepare the adoption because Gooden could not see the pain. AJ entered the room after Ganga and Alekh threatened the doctor. Ganga and Alekh hide behind the curtain.

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