Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 24 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 24 August 2020, Gudden says why are you panicking? You said that if I complete my challenges then you will return my Choti, tell me where is Choti? Ganga says where did she go from the room ?? You both can’t fool me, tell me where did he go? Where is your husband AJ comes and says I’m here.

Ganga says where did you go? He says that Gudan should help decorate the house to get lights for Janmashtami. She says can’t you ask me? AJ says will you let me go? Ganga says now stay in this house and keep your wife away from strangers. She left.

Gudden says that I can’t wait any longer. I’d like a fuck with me. AJ says he will be with us soon. This is my promise Gudden says why do I have the strange feeling that Choti is nearby? The temple has cremation behind the idols.

Ganga finds Diljit. She says that I wore a matching sari with her turban. Avinash says I gave her that saree. I think his mood went well. Avinash stops her. She says, I want to serve the guest you go from here. Gudden says what will he eat? Ganga says let me ask what he will eat.

Guddan says that he is our guest. He won’t tell you, it would be weird. Do you think that right? Ganga was bled. Gudden says wow you are blushing. If you like him, you should cook for him to impress him.

Ganga says you are right. Ganga asks Lakshmi to make greens and many dishes for Diljit. Guddan says that you wanted to make it. Ganga says that I will tell her that I have made it and I will eat it.

Diljit comes there. He says sorry, I was upset. Ganga says I am making special food for you. You all will be good He says no I have to go. You can take people with your worship. She says please stay. AJ says okay as you want. Ganga says that Diljit will eat food with us and worship with us.

Guddan comes to the temple. AJ says I can feel your pain Gudden. We must spend this blessed day without our daughter. Guddan says that if she had been here, Pooja would have enjoyed a lot. Guddan looks behind the idols. Durga comes and says come with me. Gudan goes with her.

Ganga says that Lakshmi brought lassi for Diljit. Ganga says they are worthless. AJ says you have a big house, it will be difficult to maintain. She says yes.

AJ says they all work and you don’t? She says that I am the big MIL of this house so I only do big things. As he says Ganga says things like hanging upwards. He says okay hang this pot. She chooses a large pot from the temple. He sees Choti in it. The Ganges is amazed.

Avinash says let me help you. Ganga says that I did not ask for your help. She says that you are all tired. I will do it dont worry. Saroo says that he is not well. Let him do it You should chill Avinash takes the big pot and tries to hang it. Ganga says my game is going to be ruined.

Guddan starts the puja and says introduce me to my daughter Lord Krishna. Durga says who will break the handi? AJ says that someone is very brave.

Durga says that our Guddan AJ says Guddan ji you will break the handi. Ganga says that if she breaks the handi then Choti will fall down. What should I do. Gudden took a long stick. Guddan says please give me my daughter. Guddan is about to break the handi (pot). Ganga says don’t stop.

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