Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 26 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 26 August 2020, Guddan says that Choti .. AJ and Guddan see Choti in the temple. The song plays Lucca silence. Chudi crawls towards Guddan.

AJ and Gudden are shedding tears. Ganga says she has a daughter and I will be in trouble. Light goes out. AJ and Gudden run towards Choti. They turn on the lights but Choti is not there. Guddan and AJ appear everywhere.

Gudan cries. Durg says stop it and tell us where is Choti? Ganga says I was here. I do not know where it is? AJ says where are you thugs? The thugs come to sing.

Ganga says they are here. He pointed the gun at A.J. AJ killed them. AJ says tell me where my daughter is or I’ll kill you. AJ hit them hard.

AJ says tell me where is Choti? Ganga raises the gun and shoots in the air. He points it at A.J. Avinash says stop it. Ganga says that I will not move forward or I will shoot you. Someone throws a ball at his hands and the gun falls down.

This is Guddan. Gudan comes down. Guddan tied Ganga’s feet and she fell. Guddan takes her outside the house and asks where is Choti? Ganga says leave me. Guddan strangled her. Gudden says tell me where he is? Guddan listens to the weeping cry. Guddan watches her on TV.

Guddan cries and says Choti. She is with the thugs. Laxmi says leave her, please. Thugs say that you should not cheat those who have paid you. We can do anything to save our madam, even if we have to kill someone. Ganga says thank God.

Ganga tells Guddan that never take me lightly. I am leaving you with a warning this time. Otherwise if you do something like this again, I will take revenge. She says well done. Look forward to my next order. Gudden is in tears.

Guddan said. Ganga says how did all this happen? Who are those thugs? Guddan comes to his room and remembers Choti playing there. Gudden is in tears. Gudden angrily breaks things. He sobs.

AJ tries to console her and says please calm down. Gudan takes a photo of her and cries. Guddan says that she was very close to me, but I was not there to take them and save them. I am such a bad mother. I could not save my daughter. I couldn’t choose him, he was in front of me.

I can’t do anything AJ says we’ll bring him back. We have to go inside Ganga’s mind and understand her plan. We will bring back Chotti. Guddan says that I will do anything but bring my body back. How does AJ say? Guddan says I will prove that your Guddan can do anything.

Ganga says how did all this happen? Who raised him? Cypress comes and says I did it. Ganga says you? Cypress says surprised? Saru tells him how he picked up Chodi.

Saru says that the video is mine. They will take your name and work for me. You took my place but I created an outrage. You will be maligned and I will do it all. Ganga slaps her and says how dare you. Forgive me Cypress. But I have children. You are a sinner in front of everyone.

Ganga says what do you want? Cypress says 10 lakhs. After that I don’t want anything, the system is fast. Ganga says what will happen if I don’t give it to you? Saroo slaps him and says that you got an answer? I am always ahead of you. I slap very loudly.

Ganga says how will I arrange 10 lakh rupees. Diljit says I am leaving the Ganges. Avinash says take this prasad. Gudden says give it to me. Ganga says I will give her tea. The teal falls on his hand. Ganga says I have many enemies here.

Diljit (AJ) holds tea on his hand. Ganga says why did you do this? He says your pain is mine. You also have some friends in this house. Ganga tells the truth? He says that I feel great around you. You are the friend I was looking for in my life.

She says will you be my friend? He says if you allow. I will always be with you. Will you be my friend Ganga shook hands. Gudden says in the heart that once AJ will win her trust which I will give to my daughter.

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