Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 27 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 27 August 2020, AJ says that I will be with you in all your troubles. Will you be my friend Guddan says that this is the only way to bring back Choti in the heart.

Gudden tells AJ that only one person can win his trust. That Diljit. You didn’t notice but the Ganges melted in front of him. He pretends in front of her.

AJ says but that’s wrong. Guddan says that I know it is not easy, but it is the only option to bring back our Choti. Please. AJ says it’s fine. You are married. You do not want to befriend a stranger.

Avinash says come I see you. AJ says I know where the door is. He died. Ganga says do not go. Ganga says you left me but Diljit will be my new friend. She says I accept your friendship.

Gudden sees AJ’s beard falling off. Ganga says show your face to your friend. She comes close to him. AJ’s back is against Ganga. She returns it.

Gudden catches AJ’s face. Ganga says what are you doing? Don’t you have any shame How dare you touch it? She is about to slap Gudden, but AJ holds her hand. AJ says that it will hurt me. AJ says this is a real friendship. Ganga says thank you to this good man that you save.

Gudden said sorry. There was an insect in his beard. I was afraid that it might bring some disease. AJ says it’s fine. You did it right Ganga says that if something happens to you then how will I handle myself? Diljit says I am fine. She says come clean me up.

you can rest. Come to my room AJ walks towards Ganga’s room. Ganga says send Prasad to my room. Ganges falls. AJ grabs him and says that your heart is shaking with your feet.

You are not doing it right. She says you left me, was it right? I have found someone else. I do not need you Gudden says heartily I am sorry that you had to suffer because of me. This plan may not last long.

AJ is in Ganga’s room. Guddan threw a glass to talk to her. It is attached to it with a string on the other side. Gudden says I’m sorry. AJ says I’ll finish it all soon. Guddan says that I want it to end soon.

AJ says that you are not alone. I’m alone with you Guddan spoke and says that I cannot wait to catch my Choti. Everything is in your hands. Ganga enters the room. Gudan goes into hiding.

Ganga says what is it? She looks down. He says that a child must have done this. It was hung here. Ganga says yes, leave the talk of children and talk like adults. Come. Gudan escapes.

Ganga says let me decorate your wound. Ganga holds her hand and sings a song. Diljit says that I really like small children. Where is the little kid who was in your house? Ganga says do you not like this big girl? He says that you are my special friend. Ganga says are you married? He says what is there in marriage.

Someone knocks on the door. This is Guddan. Ganga says why she has to come. Guddan says that Ganga sent Paras. Ganga says leave it here and go.

Guddan tells Ganga I want my daughter back. What does Diljit say? Guddan says that I will tell him everything. I want my daughter back. Ganga says that you will not get it. Go away from here. She closes the door. Ganga says that she keeps acting all the time. AJ says come with me to the balcony. I want to talk to you.

Guddan looks at Choti’s picture and says that you will be with Mama soon. I promise you

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