Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 28 July 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 28 July 2020, Gooden is mixing some colors. Akshat comes and hears Gooden listening to the baby saying that she is doing surprises for both of her and her father so that they will always remember that they will be together forever. She looks at Akshat and asks him to clean his hands before going to her and then goes inside and tells her that she is making an amazing plan that will make them remember forever that they are the strongest family.

Gooden brought the canvas and grabbed Little Gooden’s hand in the paint and then stamped her handprint on the canvas. She asked Akshat to put paint on his hands and Akshat and Guddan to do the same.

Gooden shows the smiling baby the canvas. She tells Akshat that she will take care of the boy she is married to, but her situation is that the boy will stay in their place as the house son-in-law.

She goes to hang the canvas. Akshat sadly remembers Gooden’s words to the child and the couple said they were the child’s parents. Durga remembers telling Gooden to tell the truth. The little knee holds the finger.

Akshat thinks she is too young but still understands her feelings and wonders what to do now that his mind is not ready to accept that the baby is theirs.

At night someone broke into Akshat and Gudda’s room and took the sleeping baby between the two. She starts to cry.

Gooden woke up and realized the baby wasn’t there. She wakes up Akshat too and someone took the baby and she heard her crying.

Ganga, on the other hand, turns off the lights and finds Durga with the baby. She asks Durga what she is doing with the baby. Durga says that she is also her fairy so she wanted to play with her.

Ganga tells her to play with the boy as she has lost her son and wants to spend some time with little Gooden. Durga agrees and says that she will bring diapers and in the meantime she can clean the baby. After handing over the baby to Ganga, Durga left.

Ganga is left alone with the baby and says that now little Gooden will disappear. She shows him a box and says that there is a powder in it and they will understand what happens if they put it on the baby’s nose.

At the same time Akshat and Guddan are seen searching for the baby. The latter kicks Ganga when she is about to apply powder on it and all the powder goes to the mouth of Ganga causing itching.

Gooden and Akshat come there and Ganga says she was just playing with the baby and doing comedy. She starts to dance. She told Guddan and Akshat that Durga brought the baby there and asked him to put powder on the baby while bringing diapers.

She said she would go wash her face and leaves. Durga comes with diapers. Gudda told her to rest now.

Just then someone rang the doorbell. Akshat goes to open the door and is stunned to see the police with the couple claiming to be the parents of Chhota Guddan. Gooden wonders why the inspectors are taking the side of this fraudulent pair. The police break into the house. The whole family was gathered in the house. Ganga sighed, thinking of the shock of waiting for Gooden.

Gooden yells at the couple and asks the inspector why she is taking their side. She asks them why they say they are the parents of their child.

The man says he has proof and he shows the birth certificate. This certificate can also be forged, he says. They will verify it before trusting anyone. Ganga wonders why he is encroaching so much. The fake inspectors of the Ganges have recently been adjusting their uniforms, so there were real people who went to the Jindhal mansion.

At the Jindhal house, the inspector asks the couple to show their Aadhar card. Ganga stops giving him water and starts whispering to him thinking she is one of her fake observers.

She says he doesn’t need to scare her but someone else. Fake inspectors come there. Ganga and Avinash understand that the one who came first is a real police officer.

The fake observers begin to encroach and shout for Gooden. Don’t let the latter shout at her or her baby will wake up. Asks her who she is. He has given fake answers to be from the police.

The actual police ask him which police station he belongs to. Guddan said she is a critically acclaimed actress and can recognize her fake acting. She asks him who sent him there. He says he just spoke on the phone. That’s what the real authorities ask. Ganga is scared.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 28 July

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