Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 29 July 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 29 July 2020, Inspectors are questioning the fake police officer sent by Ganga. Avinash left. Ganga thinks that her plan failed and her husband also left, so today she has definitely missed. Avinash has actually gone to the power board and turned off all the lights in the house. Taking advantage of the darkness, the fake police officers flee.

The inspector asked the couple who came to say they were the child’s parents, they sent them and the fake police. The woman says Guddan himself may have sent fake police.
“She was the one who called the police to deal with them, and she drove the little ones home, so if she’s your mother, she’s the queen of England,” says Gooden. The inspector says the case is getting serious, so he asked Akshat and Guddan to give some evidence. Gooden says she doesn’t have to prove anything because the mother-daughter relationship is more important than all of this and the baby can recognize her ice on its own. The woman says he was asking them for evidence so why can’t he give them anything now. If they want some evidence, they can take a DNA test, Gooden answers. Akshat thinks that if the DNA test is done, Gooden will know that the baby is not his. Ganga, on the other hand, knows that Gooden will give a DNA test because the baby is just hers. The inspector asked the officer to call the hospital staff at Jindal’s house tomorrow morning where the DNA test would take place and the truth would come out.

The next morning a team of doctors arrived and the inspectors said that the arrangement at home was only due to the Kovid-1 situation. He asked the doctor to take a sample from Gooden, Akshat and the baby so that he could know the truth. When the little guddan is just their child, the guddan asks Akshat why he is so stressed. Akshat feels that his heart is saying that the baby is only his but his mind does not accept it.

Gada gestured to the woman who intercepted the doctor who was taking a sample of Gooden who had hit objects falling off the table. Avinash distracts the inspector. Ganga tells the doctor that she will handle the sample and write the names. The doctor gives her a hair sample. When not everyone is looking at her, Ganga now takes her out of the elevator with the thought that now the fun will start and the little anus will go out of the house forever.

However, Ganga’s plan failed due to the loss of hair that was blown away by the fan. She shouts. Durga and Lakshmi ask her what happened. Ganga said she lost the pattern. Gooden says her hair is too much because she doesn’t have to worry and the doctor told her to take the sample again. The doctor takes the sample again. Observers say it will take effect in 24 hours.

Akshat then stands in front of the idols of Krishna and Radha and asks Kanha why he does this when he brings a small guddan into his life. When the results come out, he asks Gooden what he will answer and why little Gooden thinks of his own baby. Durga arrives and says that unfortunately the baby is not theirs and she wants the DNA test to be positive for Gooden but she knows this is not possible. Akshat prays to God that the little anus from him is so much loved by him.

Meanwhile, the baby is eating a good banana while looking at her. Gooden says she eats a lot when she is stressed because she thinks people cheat a lot. She told the baby to get stronger. Akshat looks at them and says that this bond is bigger proof than anything else that the child is theirs. He left. A small bottle of Gooden’s milk also leaves Gooden to purify.

Ganga came there while little Gooden was in the kitchen and said he would teach her a lesson now. Ganga is walking towards the baby but slides on the banana peel and hits the cupboard. A lot of spices fall on Ganga’s face and she cries for her eyes and legs that are in pain.

When Gooden arrives, Ganga is going to get irritated and go towards the peak. Ganga says she slipped and hit the chili powder that fell on her. She leans into the room and stops in front of the mirror and wonders why this little boy is bothering her every time.

She says he won’t let her stay in the small house or she and Guddan will destroy him. Avinash screams seeing her red face. He brings a towel to clean her face but Ganga stops him as she now only cleans her face with her clothes.

Ganga went to Gooden and Akshat’s room and took out a cloth and opened the cupboard. She wiped her face with it and then when she wiped her face with the towel, now Gooden was glowing, thinking that her baby’s face would burn. She heard Gooden’s voice and closed the cupboard immediately after putting the towel inside.

Gooden comes into the room and wonders where she put the towel. She thinks she put it down but then finds it on the floor. Ganga is hiding behind a curtain. Gooden thinks of washing as Todd falls to the ground. She left. Ganga is frustrated because her every plan fails. She talks to the baby, asking if the baby is inside

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