Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 3 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 1 August 2020, Avinash says I have to go there and change the report. He sat in the car. AJ is sitting in the car. He says where are you going bro? Avinash asks to get a haircut. AJ says it’s not safe. He says I’m wearing a mask. Avinash says that Ma and Chhoti Gooden are at home. We cannot take risks.

Let me tell you what to do about your hair. AJ comes in and says I saved him. He was going to get a haircut. I will cut your hair. Guddan get me a trimmer. Avinash says no it’s not right. Leave it. AJ says ok let me go and cook. “We knit sweaters for all the little ones,” says Guddan. Gaddan gives the peak to Ganga. She put scissors on the Ganges. Gooden says she’s very naughty.

Ganga comes into the room and throws the luggage. She says you are so stupid. He says I tried. Ganga says you are useless. She says do it now as I say. I will handle the rest. Ganga takes off her sari. He says I’m not in the mood. Ganga said I am fooling you.

Gooden sees Saryu walking out of the house. She follows him. Gooden comes to the garage and says all the worries are here. Where did she go AJ asks Guddan where are you going? She says Saru had gone somewhere. What if she messed up the report. He says call me.

The doctor says everything is fine. But let me go there and check. As AJ leaves, Guddan sees Saru waving at someone. Gooden says what are you doing here? Saru says sorry I was just .. Guddan says are you taking the risk of Corona? Saru says I called my cosmetics here. Gooden says okay. Don’t go anywhere. Stay here Saru says ok I will come inside.

Ganga came to the hospital in the guise of a nurse. She asks a nurse where Gooden’s report is. She says she has a doctor. He is standing there. AP is also in PPE. Ganga said I want Gudda Jindal’s report. I am their family doctor. AJ says they are in the lab. AJ calls Gooden and checks to see if Ganga is at home. If I didn’t, I’d face a woman here.

Ganga comes inside the lab and says I want Gudda’s report. The senior doctor sent me here. A woman stops to take her report. Gooden sees Ganga in the room. She sees someone there with her feet under her paws. The river Ganga is called Gadda. Who has doubts about AJ?

The woman lowers her amsk. She is Revati. But the other woman is a doctor. This is AJ. The doctor says what are you two doing here? Let’s do our job. Avinash is sleeping with sari and nails on his feet. The anus goes out. Gooden says Ganga ji are you asleep? Do you want anything Avinash says in Ganga’s voice yes I am fine Gooden. The anus goes out. Avinash drinks water. He says thank God. I have to do a lot in this Ganga love.

AJ tells Revathi I am sure it was Ganga. Revati said how can a person change the door? Ganga is behind them. She stopped there. AJ says she can’t be home at the time. I’ll alert Gooden.

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