Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 30 July 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 30 July 2020, Gooden pays Durga. Durga says what is all this for? Guddan says you helped me. I don’t want to hear that you helped save my husband and Mill. Durga says I don’t need it. My only regret is that you accept me as your DIL. I have changed over time.

Please believe me Gooden says I can’t trust you. I have also changed over time. I cannot accept you and I will not take your side. So stop the drama and take the money. She left.
Durga says I did it all for money and now I don’t want it. I wish I could see the reality of the intestines.

Antra said now I know why Gooden was greedy. She moved from this small house to Jindal’s house. I’m sorry I said that about your daughters. “We were ashamed of her,” Kaushalya said. Revathi said you can’t forget what she did. Skill said drink soup. You will feel better.

Antra says AJ and I can stay in any room. Bhushan says you can sleep with skill. AJ and I can sleep in the hall. AJ says your heart is big. Thank you.
Saru calls the distance. Antra says I have to attend the doctor’s call. Skills Grandma takes with her.
Saru said to Antara, “I have to give you some news.”

Bhushan says don’t worry TP Gooden. I have made sure AJ and Antra stay separate. Gooden is on video call. AJ came there and hugged Bhushan. He says thank you for everything you do. Bhushan says we are a family. AJ says we were .. and now we are separated. As I did.

I was with Antra when Gudan was my wife. I want to force her to be that she shouldn’t always be. This day has been seen by all of me. I know you should really hurt. Guddan always said it’s all because of you. How did she forget your upbringing? Gooden says with a sigh you forgot our moment.

AJ says I don’t know how she can change that. Not as good as she is. I really love her. She just loves money. Guddan says you loved me but I didn’t trust you. AJ says I just want to trust her. My heart does not agree but how can I deny what I have seen with my own eyes? Gooden says your mind misunderstood me. But this is not our fault. This is an intestinal error. I want you to know why I’m doing all this. AJ says we hope we get back together. But we are far from each other now.

Antara gave interest to Bhushan. She says I am now part of this house. Now who does this for all people? Bhushan says don’t say that. He drinks the juice and throws the glass. That tasty juice is very hot. It burned my tongue. Antra says if you lie you will go. I know you’re with your doll.

I know everything. Everything is in my eye. When Gooden spoke, Durga heard Saru. Antra said that she had made a mistake by believing in him. Bhushan says you can’t do anything for my daughter. She says how can you save yourself? Bhushan picked up the phone. Antra takes the phone and adorns the video. She says what are you doing on my father’s phone.

Antara says you will see what I do. She gives tears to her sari. Bhushan says what are you doing. Antra says if you mess with me again, I will defame him everywhere. “My dad doesn’t have the guts to do everything,” Gooden says. Antra says now you will see what I do to you.

Guddan says don’t dare. The distance screamed. She said Ma .. AJ .. look at what happened to me. AJ gets there. AJ says you’re okay isn’t it? Bhushan says she had a leisure on her and her sari got stuck. AJ says go go change the distance. The bowel will swell and go away.

Bhushan says she is very dangerous. You have to do something. It can go down so low. Don’t worry, says Guddan. I will do something. Gooden says I will not remain silent. You pay to drag my father into all this.
Gudan comes home. Bhushan says why are you here? We no longer belong to you. AJ says we have everything. Why are you bothering your father now? Guddan mentally says I have to do this for my father and family.

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