Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 4 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 4 August 2020, Ganga is coming out of the dustbin in which she is trying to find the letter with the fake report but she is nowhere to be found. She starts looking inside the trash again and finally finds it. She was overjoyed.

Lakshmi puts the actual report near the idol of Krishna and asks how Gooden will react when Chhoti finds out that she is not her real daughter. She says she is unable to tell him the truth.

Akshat, on the other hand, looks at Guddan and the sleeping baby to see how much Guddan loves and cares for the little one. Lakshmi arrives and tells Akshat and Gooden to go to the news.

Akshat tells the doctor that their baby was dead in the womb. Guddan is getting ready to get up but noticed that the baby was holding her double in her fist. Akshat releases the doublet from the tight grip of the top and grabs Gooden’s hand and looks at the top with his eyes.

Meanwhile Durga comes to Ganga’s room and asks why she called her there. Ganga showed the report and pretended to be sad saying that she knew she was the only smart person in the family because she thought to herself so she wanted to talk to him first. Durga read the report and her eyes widened.

Ganga says that Chhoti is crying after seeing the report even though she already knows that it is not Goodan’s daughter but she wonders how Gurdan will react and what the parents of the baby should do. She is crying saying that she can understand the pain of losing a child. Durga is thoughtful. Ganga remembers.

At the same time, Gooden, Akshat and Lakshmi see the report in front of the idol of Krishna. Guddan asks Lakshmi to take the report and read it. Lakshmi grabbed the report. Gooden tells her to read.

Durga and Ganga, on the other hand, come to the small sleeping room. There are tears of Durga on her cheeks. Ganga asks her to ask about the real parents of the baby. Durga walked towards Chhoti crying. Durga takes the top in her hand and falls out of the room with Ganga.

Meanwhile Lakshmi asks Akshat to open it as she does not know about the medical reports. Akshat takes the report and takes the letter. Guddan urges Akshat not to create suspense and not to open the report. Akshat opened the letter remembering the doctor’s words when he told them that their baby was dead and then Gooden had a childhood love. Akshat was shocked to read the report. Gooden asks to be told what is written there.

Akshat says the DNA test report states that Gooden and the baby samples are 100% matched to each other. Lakshmi was shocked to hear this. Gooden says she knows this and that the pair were cheating.

Meanwhile, Durga and Ganga arrive in the parking area with Chhoti and hand over to the couple claiming to be the parents of the baby.

Lakshmi was very happy to know that Chhoti is really Guddan’s daughter so she asked her to do Aarti and thanked Krishna. Gooden puts the plate for Aarti and does. Chhoti, on the other hand, is shouting. The anus feels uncomfortable and wonders why. She knocks in front of the idol of Krishna and walks away wondering why she feels so uncomfortable.

Akshara thanked Krishna for proving to be little Krishna and his daughter and wondered why the doctors lied to him without any animosity towards him. He thinks Gooden should be right and that someone close to him should be behind it all. He realized that Gooden was no longer there. Gooden replies that she is going to take the top. A lot of wind comes and Dia starts to tremble.

Lakshmi says she is extremely ominous. Guddan went back to the temple premises and once again lit a lamp and put on a matchstick.

In the parking lot, Bai pretends to cry and asks Durga to give her child to her.

The curtain caught fire inside the house. Lakshmi ran to get water while Akshat defended Guddan. After extinguishing the fire, Lakshmi came out thinking that something bad was going to happen. Gudda is sure that Krishna is with him and will not let anything go wrong with him. When I don’t know that she is with Durga and Ganga, she goes to get the little one out of the room.

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