Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 5 August 2020 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 5 August 2020, Gooden was telling Akshat that he should take the little one who has been alone for a long time. They are shocked to see that Gooden goes into the room and the little one is not there. She starts looking for her everywhere in the room. Gooden runs to Lakshmi and Akshat.

Durga, on the other hand, refused to betray Gooden by beating the couple. Ganga tries to betray her that this is not a betrayal but a good deed. The little one shouts loudly. Ganga grabbed the baby and handed her over to the woman.

Gooden came out because Lakshmi and Akshat were looking for the baby everywhere but she could not find her.

Durga cried while the little one was crying a lot. Ganga asks her not to think and now she thinks she can speak audio to Gooden’s baby. She pretends to cry and tells the couple to leave and can’t come back with the baby. The woman thanks him and then leaves with her husband.

Goody heard Choti crying and ran out, calling to her. Akshat follows her. At the same time, the face of Ganga is covered in a newspaper. Durga passed away. Guddan and Akshat reach out to her and tell her that Chhoti is nowhere to be found. They leave before Durga tells them what happened. Lakshmi comes to Durga and says Chhoti lost.

Durga says she will never find a small anus. Akshat and Guddan heard it and walked around asking what it meant. Durga yells and admits that she gave it to her real parents and everyone was shocked. There is a danger of destroying everything by saying goodbye to where the little one is. Akshat shouted like that. Durga shouts and shows the couple which way they went. Akshat and Guddan go away.

Tell Lakshmi Durga that the DNA report came and he is on Gooden’s side. Durga is stunned and remembers giving her report to Ganga. He regretted what she had done. Ganga sees everything from the pillar and Guden peeks thinking that she will never have a child.

Forgetting their masks and starting to ask people about the top, Gooden and Askhat covered Dupatta and Ruma, respectively. Guddan Bai sees the woman with the baby and stops her but she is no one else. Akshat and Gooden apologized to the woman.

Ganga, on the other hand, is sitting in her room with the top in her room. The couple is also there. She wonders if she knows that Gooden and Akshat Chhoti will search anywhere but they will not be in their own house because they are not so smart. She is sure that Chhoti will never find Guddan.

Lakshmi and Durga return home. Durga is very sorry. Lakshmi tries to calm her down and only then do they hear the baby’s cry. He knocked on the door of the Ganga room. Ganga asked the couple to leave through the window with the baby. The couple goes out but the little Ganga catches the braid and does not let go. She even looked at Ganga’s sari. Lakshmi and Ganga break down the door but the baby with the couple is already gone. Lakshmi and Durga started asking Ganga about the small place.

Ganga said that she has handed over the baby to the couple herself. Lakshmi grabs her braid and pulls her saying she found out about her evil plans. Ganga pushes her away. Lakshmi realizes that Ganga’s sari is wet and realizes that Choti must have done it. Lakshmi asks Ganga about Chhoti but she remains silent. Durga says she will call Guddan and the police.

Durga goes out of the room and Lakshmi is about to chase her but Ganga catches her and threatens Durga that she will kill Lakshmi with a piece of glass if she tries to do anything. Then Avinash comes and takes a piece of glass from her and holds Ganga’s hand. He slapped Ganga hard and she fell down. He asks if he can fall further and ask for a smaller place but Ganga doesn’t open his mouth. Avinash says he will stay in the room until he is younger. Lakshmi, Durga and Avinash leave. Ganga is shouting loudly.

Meanwhile, Akshat called the inspector and asked him to lock the whole city but found the small one. However, Gooden says he should not have trusted the police in this situation but was present at the Akshat call.

Gooden beats up a man and says his day is bad today because he first met a crying baby and now a couple with her. Gooden understands that she is a cheating couple and follows the man’s instructions.

When the driver suddenly brakes, the couple counts the money in a car because Gooden has come to the front. Bai told the driver to run on Gooden. The driver starts the car and is about to hit Gooden but Akshat arrives on time and rescues her. He hit some drums so that they would stop the car and then he ran to get the man out of the car and started beating him. The women try to stop him. Gooden checks the car but Chhoti is not there. Akshat asks the boy where he is and threatens to kill him.

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