Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 18 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Today Episode 18 August 2020, Ganga says that you have to throw this boiling water on one of your DILs. Gudden says are you crazy? How can i burn them? Ganga says that if you don’t do it here, it will be for your daughter.

Durga says no, which Choti does not have. do it. Lakshmi says that we can afford it for Choti. Ganga says, now decide Guddan, if you want to burn them or are you Choti? Gudden says shut up. If you even say a word about Choti, I will .. Ganga says let’s look at the setup first. She shows him a video of a hot water pot over Choti.

AJ arrives at the location and says that it is the location. He hears the bells of the temple and Guddan remembers that he has heard the bells. He says that means I am in the right place. Gudden is in tears. Ganga says tell whom do you want to burn? get started. Let’s see who you choose AJ comes out of the shed and goes inside.

Ganga says what are you thinking ?? Come on, light your DIL. You became the youngest MIL because of them and today you will burn them. Gudden is in tears. Gudden says I don’t know what to do. Where is aj?

AJ comes in and looks for Choti. Guddan picked up water and walked towards Lakshmi and Durga. Ganga says come one. get it done. Lakshmi says that I am very scared. Durga says that I did not let anything happen to you. Gudden says that I am very sorry.

Gudan cries. Lakshmi says you pour it on me. Durga says no to me. Ganga says come on. Guddan poured water on Durga’s lap. Durga screams. Gudden cannot breathe. Durga vows and Guddan pours hot water over it. Durga screams in pain. Guddan said.

AJ says where is my daughter? He sees a feeder. AJ says that means they were here and they left. The thugs shift Choti to another shed. Chhoti is crying The thugs quarreled with him. He says that I am sick and tired. She keeps crying The thug asks another, we forgot his feeder right there. Go fetch it and get butter as well. He says no you go. They both start fighting. They see Choti and she is not there. Choti crawls outside and sits in a woman’s basket. The woman walks with it. Motu and Patlu see him in the basket. They go after the woman.

Durga cries. Gudden cries and says that I am very sorry. Please forgive me. Ganga says I knew you would choose Durga. he is strong. Lakshmi would have died. We party with Cypress. Guddan gives Durga a tower and says go to your room and heat it, you will be cold.

Lakshmi says what do you mean? Durga says that it was hot water not cold. I am her DIL, I can act. Lakshmi says but that steam? Gudden recalls that AJ once burned his hand. Gudden said I am very sorry. Let me search AJ said this is dry ice. It contains more steam than hot water. I did not burn it burns the skin. Guddan says that I have studied chemistry.

AJ shows him if you pour water on dry ice it creates steam. AJ says that I used dry ice. The water was hot but dry ice cooled it. Lakshmi says that I felt that Durga was in pain. Guddan says that I love Choti but that does not mean that I do not love you two. I will never let anyone harm you.

Durga is cold. He is about to sneeze. Guddan held his nose. Ganga says now you are pulling their ears and nose also? Gudden says how can you stop a sneeze. Lakshmi says that you are the best in the world. I hope you bring back Choti too.

Guddan says we will bring him back. Durga screams and says that my whole body is burnt. Lakshmi says come with me. I would apply anti-burn cream on it. Guddan says that you are not here yet you saved us AJ. Please bring our daughter back home too, please.

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