Imlie 15 December

Imlie 1 December 2021 Written Update

Imlie 1 December 2021 Written Update, Narmada and Arpita asking Imlie if she is fine, why she looks scared. They ask Aryan if he again scolded her. Aryan replies they question a lot. Imlie will stay in his house for some days.

Rupy doesn’t find the keys and she discusses with Nishant that Imlie is with Aryan maybe, there’s must be a valid reason. Malini taunts them saying if Imlie does anything she hears praises only unlike her. Nishant says Imlie doesn’t have a big house like her so it’s justified. Malini leaves thinking Aditya will misunderstand Imlie for sure if she is in Aryan’s house.

Arpita introduces Imlie to the guests. Imlie talks about her village proudly. One of the girls tries to flirt with Aryan but he looks at Imlie. Arpita gives food to Imlie and the latter misses Aditya seeing chopsticks. She starts eating with hands and the girl Shruti taunts her saying classless. Aryan sits with Imlie and scolds her for not learning manners. Imlie says her loved ones accepted her like that. They didn’t tell her to change. Aryan says he is not stupid like them. She warns Aryan not to talk bad about her loved ones. Aryan says if her loved ones accepted her truly why she is in his house. He then teaches Imlie how to eat with chopsticks. Imlie learns and eats with it. Arpita tells Narmada that Aryan is a good teacher.

Malini tells Aditya she is feeling guilty. He should call Imlie back. She can’t see them getting separated because of her. Imlie decides to tell Aditya where she is. Aditya calls Imlie and questions her why she left hostel and is in Aryan’s house. Warden told him. Imlie gets angry and says Aditya trusts anyone except her. So she wont answer him anything. She cuts the call. Aditya decides to bring back Imlie at any cost. Malini gets irked.

Imlie gets confused where she will sleep and she sleeps on floor. Aryan bumps into her and falls down. He asks her why she slept here. Imlie tells noone told her where to sleep so she slept here. Narmada asks Aryan did he like any girl. Aryan assumes she is hinting at Imlie. He says she is just his intern. Narmada says she didn’t mention Imlie. Aryan says he is not interested. Narmada and Arpita talk about Aryan. Narmada says if Aryan keeps living in the past he will be alone one day. Imlie hears that and thinks what incident changed him.

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