Imlie 15 December

Imlie 15 December 2021 Written Update

Imlie 15 December 2021 Written Update, Imlie talking to Meethi. Meethi gets shocked to know about her divorce. She says she wants to meet her.

Imlie tells her not to come as right now she wants to handle herself. When she will take a big house on rent then she will welcome her mother. Meethi understands that Imlie is upset.

Imlie starts crying and Meethi gives her strength saying she should now do everything to fulfil her dream so that noone can snatch it from her. Imlie says she will do that. Meethi encourages her and tells her not to give up. She says Imlie’s birth always gave her ray of hope when Dev left her.

Aryan works and Anu enters without appointment. She tells him that she doesn’t need appointment generally. Aryan says but this is his office, he won’t meet someone without appointment. Anu goes back and comes to his cabin after taking appointment.

Anu says she wants Imlie to cover her daughter’s wedding. Imlie did a great job while she took Puja Oberoi’s interview. Aryan calls Imlie in his cabin and then he learns its Malini and Aditya’s wedding. He says he shouldn’t have let Anu come in as she is Malini’s mother.

Imlie refuses to cover the wedding and leaves. Anu tells Aryan that Bhaskar Times is in loss and everyone knows it in the market so decision will be his. She gives him two crores cheque and leaves.

Aryan goes to Imlie and shows her the cheque. Aryan tells her to cover the wedding. Imlie denies saying he wants her to cover her husband’s wedding just for money. She doesn’t want to torture herself by giving pain. Aryan says he can arrange two crore easily as he runs many other businesses but she will be in loss and she will also do injustice to employees of Bhaskar Times who work hard. He tells her to not get scared to face the truth.

She is a reporter and she should be brave enough to face her own truth. Pain should not stop her. Money is not God but its not less than God. He leaves and turns back again to see her.

Imlie looks shattered. She then enters his cabin and gives him the cheque. Aryan says hope she is not taking the decision emotionally. Imlie gives him one coin and says she will also pray for him so that he gets strength to face his own pain. Aryan takes the coin and thinks Aditya is the one who hurt them both.

Aparna gets disheartened and shares her worries with Pankaj that how can Aditya and Imlie give each other divorce if they care for each other a lot. Aditya even took decision to marry Malini. Pankaj says he took the decision out of anger. He won’t do it in real.

Anu comes with Band Baja. She tells Aparna and Pankaj that she will manage the whole event. She brought wedding planners, musicians, decorators. She goes inside Tripathi house with them.

Arpita coughs and Aryan gives her medicines. She says why he opened a chemist shop. It’s just a simple cold. Imlie comes and Narmada asks her did she talk to Aditya.

Arpita and Narmada cheer her up. Imlie gives kadha to Arpita and Aryan tells Arpita not to talk much. Arpita teases him and Imlie controls her laughter.

Anu meets Malini happily and tells Aditya that she forgot his previous mistakes and she is ready to accept him fully now. He should call her mother in law.

Muhurat is after few days. Pankaj says Anu can’t create a scene like this. She can’t start marriage preparations without Aditya’s permission. Aditya replies he is ready for marriage. He tells Aparna that she should accept the truth its high time. She always told him to accept Malini then why she wants to back off now. Aditya leaves.

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