Ishqbaaz Today Episode 3 August 2020

Ishqbaaz Today Episode 3 August 2020,Moreover woke up and it is hard to remember what happened yesterday. Anika went to his room and was worried as she could not be found there. Shiva tries to remember everything that happened last night but remembers nothing beyond his dance. Anika went to him and said ‘sorry’.

Shivaya decided not to tell him that he did not remember anything. Anika told him to forget everything. Plus he tells her to tell him everything again. Anika is surprised and tells him she doesn’t want to see her in so much pain again. He worries.

Rudra remembers Bhavya’s words and she is worried. She decides to find out if she is safe. He calls his friend and asks him to help. Gauri’s mother calls Omkara and asks Gauri to pack some warm clothes. He was surprised. She tells him that Gauri had told her that they were going to a hill station. He was shocked to hear that she had not gone to his mother’s house. He assumes that she may have gone to Kali Thakur’s house.

Anika gives Shivaya coffee and she tells him to take it as it will clear his stomach. Yesterday he asked her if she had eaten anything harmful to him yesterday. She pretends to be surprised and asks if she put cannabis in her food. She tells him he’s not as smart as he thinks. She tells him that he was wrong in thinking that he would reveal the truth to her after the meal.

Shivaya reminds her that she has already done this. Anika tells him that she did not do this under the influence of cannabis. Plus he tries to do everything again. Anika tells him not to worry and says that he is still without them. She told him that she should believe in their relationship and tell him everything. Shiva is even more curious to know the truth.

Anika refuses to take any drastic steps to Shivaya and asks her loved ones to forgive her. She assures him that she, Rudra and Omkar are still with him. Anika asked Shivaya not to say anything to her. He asks. Anika was shocked.

Shivaya tells her to repeat everything. Anika was shocked to realize that she could not remember anything. While she was pretending, she shouted at him. Plus he tells her he forgot everything because she ate him spicy food and now she needs to give him an explanation. She refused to repeat herself. Shivaya gets irritated.

Rudra’s friend sends him a video of Bhavya. They were surprised to see that she worshiped for her late parents and sister. Rudra felt bad realizing that no one in her family was alive. He remembers the day when he asked her about her family and she became emotional. Anika said she didn’t want to do it all over again. She says one incident changed her entire life. Plus I tell her that’s why they want to know all this more because it changed them.

Anika asks how it makes a difference now. Shivaya held her hand and told her it was important to her. Anika reminded him that Ragini has now entered his life and now there is no point in telling him anything. Plus she tells him it was her first engagement. She asks. He holds her hand, brings her closer, and asks if she has really moved on.

Anika tells him that since she got a divorce, she no longer has the right to hold on. He asks her if her fianc is real? Anika tells him that he is a little busy nowadays. He also tells her that he knows she is lying. Anika tells him that she will meet her fianc soon to clear all her doubts. Svetla tells Janhvi to stop thinking. The waiter accidentally pours wine on Janhvi.

Gauri’s brother comes to meet Omkar and asks him what he did to her and why she left Mumbai. Omkara tells him that she must have gone to Kali Thakur’s house for her money. Gauri is misunderstood and her brother is shouting at her. He tells her that if she had been after the money, she would have run away from the Oberoi mansion and operated on her mother. He told her how much she adored him. Omkara was shocked and regretted what he had done.

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