Karbhari Laybhari Zee Marathi Serial cast, tital track, Show Time, wiki,Latest Episode updates

Karbhari Laybhari 2020- Zee Marathi channel always brings something new and different for the viewers and the viewers take every series of this channel with the same head. Recently, a promo of a new series is being aired on Zee Marathi channel.

Serial Name: Karbhari Laybhari (2020)
Channel Name: Zee Marathi
Online – Zee5
Start From: 2nd November 2020
Show Time: Mon – Sat 7:30pm
Production House: Waghoba Productions

Karbhari Layabhari cast –

Anushka Sarkate 

Karbhari Laybhari

Nikhil Chavan

Karbhari Laybhari Tital Track – 


Karbhari Laybhari Tital Track Lyrics – 

Ara Vaghavanī Chal Tyachi Mardani Daula Ra
Turre Baj Pheṭa Tyaca Var Yavara Dola Ra
Dola Ra Dola Ra

Seras Haya Hyo Savva Ser
MuṭHit Karatoya Killa Dher
Dokyata JaḷA Haya DuṣManaca KaḷA Haya
KaḷĪja ṭAkatoya Najrachi Suri
Ala Ala Ala Ala Karabhari Lai Bharī
Karabhari Lai Bhari

Story outline – 

The story of the Karbhari laybhari is about a political leader. The show is set in Maharashtra and reflects the reality of Indian politics.

Karbhari lebhari promo breakdown

The Karbhari laybhari promo revealed various deadlines that would follow the show. The first promo featured a glimpse of the main character, who is meant to deliver a political speech to a large crowd.

The second promo revealed the lead actors of the show and gave the audience little clue about their background. The third promo featured two characters getting married and hinted that the love story between the two characters is worth watching. Because in both promos, the lead is shown trying hard to fulfill the love of his life.

However, in Karbhari’s latest promo, it can be seen that the lead character may have an extra marital affair. This promo raised a lot of questions among the audience.

Fans are eager to know who is going to be the third character and who will play it. Another latest update of the show was the title song of the show released 4 days ago on the official Instagram handle of Zee Marathi. In the title track, the protagonist can be seen fighting and seen by a huge group of people. The track also features the character’s love interest.

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