Karthika Deepam 15 December

Karthika Deepam 1 December 2021 Written Update

Karthika Deepam 1 December 2021 Written Update, Karthik and Deepa reaches to medical association ceremony with Karthik parents. Organisers warmly welcomes Karthik as president.

Ravi congratulate him. Karthik tells to Ravi that he still feels it’s not good for him. Ravi says he is perfect for president position. Deepa asks why he is denying.

Bharati starts her speech and she congratulate Karthik as president and Ravi as vice presidents and anounces that thry won unanimously and Bharathi praises the qualities of Karthik than Karthik asks her to stop it than Bharathi says fine and she asks Soundarya to talk about her son. Deepa sends her to stage.

Soundarya starts to tell the childhood incidents of Karthik. Mounitha stops her saying she will talk about Karthik as she knows more about Karthik. Soundarya says parents, teachers and wife knows better of person so Deepa will talk after me as it’s not good if others talk and she asks Deepa to come.

Deepa stands up but Mounitha enters to stage. Bharati asks why she came to event after denying to come. Mounitha says it’s my wish and sgr asks Soundarya to move aside and than she asks Bharathi how they allowed family members to Doctor association.

Mounitha says Soundarya garu is saying Deepa will tell us about Karthik but they lived separately for 11 years than how can she knows about him? Bharathi asks her to end her speech. Mounitha says she have right to talk as Gynaecologist and mother of Karthik’s baby and I know everyone knows about me and Karthik through sns but I came here to tell which are facts. Karthik about to leave but Mounitha stops him and asks him to defend her in the last if he felt anything wrong in her speech.
Mounitha says Karthik will only become president if he do justice to me. Ravi asks her to end her drama. Mounitha says president must solve the problems of other Doctors so I’m utilising it. Doctor’s ask her to what’s her problem. Mounitha says Karthik promised to marry me but Soundarya stopped our marriage but what will I do as everyone got to know that my marriage is stopped at mandap.

Bharati asks her to stop it but Mounitha says you will know the pain if Ravi marries someone and Karthik ignored me so I can’t tell my pain to anyone that why I got pregnancy through artificial insemination and he signed consent form for me at Hospital and we performed Santhi pooja too at temple as he born with umbilical cord around his neck so please do justice to me and my son, I got punished at jail still Karthik didn’t changed and how can you elect him as president when he cheated me? Please do justice to me. Deepa claps for her and enters to the stage.

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