Karthika Deepam 15 December

Karthika Deepam 15 December 2021 Written Update

Karthika Deepam 15 December 2021 Written Update, Soundarya says you’re correct as Deepa will take care of Karthik as she have will power to face any kind of problems.

That time Mounitha enters to their place in scooty and blames Anandrao and Soundarya for kidnapping her baby using Aditya. Soundarya asks her to stop the dramas.

Anandrao asks her to leave saying they can’t bear her torture. Mounitha asks them to tell her son’s location and don’t think I will cry as I won’t go any where from here until I get my son. Soundarya stands shocked.

Srivalli cries in her ward for losing her baby. Her husband brings Mounitha’s son to his wife and tells her that some lady died after giving birth to this baby so let’s raise this son as ours.

Srivalli feels happy seeing that baby. It’s revealed how Srivalli husband stealed Mounitha’s baby from car to make Srivalli happy. Srivalli says baby is so good than he says he will book cab so thry can leave to their place today itself. Srivalli agrees.

Deepa serves food. Karthik feels bad seeing kids are sitting in floor to have food. Hima says it’s good to have food by sitting on floor. Rudrani comes to their place. Deeka asks why she came thsn Rudrani says you made me come here and are these things in home belongs to your family? Karthik and Deeka says those are belongs to Srivalli family.

Rudrani hits their food plates with feet. Karthik questions how can she hit with feet and asks if she human or not.
Rudrani throws him saying it’s her place and her rules. Deepa slaps Rudrani and asks her to learn how to give respect and do you know who’s my husband?

Hundreds of people worship him. Karthik asks Deepa to stop. Deepa says I can bear anything but I won’t bear if anyone insult you. Rudrani says seems like you have big story than why you came. Deepa says that’s none of your business and I told you that I gave rent thinking it’s your place.

Rudrani says it’s my place only as Kotesh didn’t payed his loan and you did mistake by going against me and now you did another mistake by slapping me and if you have so much sympathy than pay the loan of Kotesh with interest. Karthik agrees to pay.

Deepa says we won’t get scared with your warnings and we will give rents to Kotesh as it’s not your home. Rudrani says she knows how to handle them and she holds her cheek and tells to Deepa that she will return double and asks them to pay 3lakhs to her to help Srivalli family.

Next day family members wakesup with Mounitha’s pooja and song. They comes downstairs than Mounitha wishes them good morning and asks them to take Aarti but they denies.

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