Karthika Deepam Written Update 22 July 2021

Karthika Deepam Written Update 22 July 2021

Karthika Deepam Written Update 22 July 2021, Deepa comes home with the sound of a glass and Deepak notices. Taking out the mirror he saw a man lying on the floor with a mask at a distance.. ‘Dr Babu.. how did he survive.. how did he end up.

sad that he slept on the floor .. from today .. i will let the kids sleep on the floor to make him lie on the bed ‘ thinks .. dr babu ko jagat hai dr babu. When not, take the blanket out. But it is surprising to see that Monita is who she is.

Monita laughs and says, ‘Are you scared.. I think you slept inside.. I don’t want to be disturbed.. I slept here’. Deepak, overcome with shock, says ‘Levway’ and locks it by the throat.

At that time Kartik sleeping on the chairs in the clinic came there.. ‘Oh Karthik are you here?? I wasted a lot of time lying on the mat outside thinking that you both are alone..’ When Karthik said angrily.. ‘My loneliness wants to be alone with you.. You will not fall in love.. I will come to you’ says Monita without any shame.

‘Do you know what you are saying.. What are you doing?’ Kartik says angrily. ‘You didn’t know that day but today I know.. didn’t I drink?’ As if Monita is smiling.

‘I am not ashamed to talk so shameful..’ Karthik said angrily.. ‘It is natural.. why do you want to see me playing? The one who caused the stomach while carrying the child in the womb.. Know how many memories and what kind of desires arise.. The lamp carrying two children knows’ Deepak says. The already burning lamp looks angrily.

‘What to compare with the lamp.. if the lamp is lit like a lamp in front of God.. you stand like a street lamp’ Karthik says angrily ‘Did you drag me in the street like this..Look Deepa..that day did not listen to me..didn’t listen to me today..why are you looking at Deepa so angry..if you have your own sister kartik..my brother..if you are in a hurry with me..if I am strong Gaya.. will you leave me like this sister? Isn’t this something that would make me my son-in-law and marry him instead of gossiping? Deepa, will you leave it like that?’ This angered Karthik.. ‘Stop Monita.. We have completely lost our previous dignity. If you see yourself as a player, then ever becoming a mother, I still have no feelings for you..

‘Feel now what’s the use Karthik.. but that day’ Monita is saying again.. ‘Chi’ says Karthik. ‘Now what’s the use of being chi Karthik.. I know you feel guilty for putting your wife in front of you.. I say we should get married to get rid of this guilty feeling.. After that I I look like a nymph who plays.. after 25th you will be my fianc√©.. I will take you I will be. Then Maha, having two wives is the only crime.. That too will be missed.. Good Karthik.. Have a sweet dream.. I will come in Deepka’s pot’ Monita is about to leave.

Till then the one who thinks of Chirag angrily.. ‘One minute..’ stops Monita. ‘Doctor Babu, you go and lie down with the kids..go’, he sends Kartik in. Deepa looked into Monita’s eyes and raised her eyelashes in her own style. You know why? There are children inside.. that they do not listen to your history.. or that you should be driven away like a dog because your sister said so. Come for a man in the middle of the night.. what shall I tell you. When it comes to abs, there is some craving. But these are not desires. She came in a different color in becoming a mother.. Leaving in front of shame, she said.. Today I can leave you.. But I will not forget this incident.. I will take revenge..’ says Deepa.

‘Now you are talking about marriage.. what? Have you married my husband on the 25th? Say it again.. Barely say.. Won’t happen on 25th.. You won’t marry my husband.. It won’t really grow.. I told you come with our pinni.. you remember. Will you fly like this till Durga or Anji comes along? I will create fear even if I do not show the sword.. I will do yard business’ says Deepa.

Simultaneously, Monita says confused, ‘Are you threatening me?’ ‘What’s the matter, the mouth did not come properly.. The throat is clear..’ he said and brought the loto and said ‘Drink and die’. Before Monita drinks alcohol, Deepa lovingly holds Kartik with her.. says ‘here’.

Monita gets shocked seeing this. Deepa laughs and says, ‘Now tell.. Good night, sweet dreams.. Pony you tell us both.. Good night.. Sweet dreams..’ Kartik looks at Monita angrily. Monita slams Lotte on the ground and leaves. ‘So leave Deepa Karthik’s hand..go Dr. Babu..go to sleep..it won’t bother me anymore’ he says. Kartik goes inside silently.

The next morning Monita.. remembering Deepa’s words.. ‘Why does Deepa speak so boldly? If this is true then what about me?’ Priyamani gets confused seeing Monita’s tension. That’s why Deepa scares me with Monita Priyamani. Meanwhile, Anandrao calls Monita and says, ‘Let’s meet at the register office.’ All right, Monita. Get ready and wear a black saree..Stay in the car and call Kartik. Deepak looks at the phone and brings it up.

Kartik picks up and turns on the speaker. ‘What’ is Karthik.. ‘What are you doing Karthik’ says MonitaHuh. He says, ‘If my wife was serving, I would have eaten. ‘Huh.. yes.. after 25 I’ll give you something to eat’ he says angrily.

If Karthik is setting fire by saying ‘Hey you’.. ‘Wait Karthik.. I called to tell you something.. Your daddy called the register office to meet me.. I am leaving.. come to the register office’ And the phone will be disconnected. Karthik calls again but Monita cuts him off. Monita laughed and said, ‘If your wife was serving then would you eat..Come on.. Leave the rice curry and jaggery served by your wife and come running.