Karthika Deepam Written Update 22 September 2021

Karthika Deepam Written Update 22 September 2021

Karthika Deepam Written Update 22 September 2021, Mounitha seems at jail partitions she packed with Karthik’s name and she or he imshines Karthik in that name and says I need to live on this prison for 18months and I will happily live on those months with chanting your call and we’re secure here so cope with you fitness.

Constable asks who’s he. Mounitha says he goes to be my husband once my punishment is over and Karthik is lover of Mounitha.

Constable thinks jailer is correct and it’s truly one of a kind case and she leaves pronouncing she have work. Mounitha talks with walls.

Sourya and Hima massages Soundarya’s hand. Soundarya asks them to sleep but they says they’re now not getting sleep in gaooy mood. Soundarya says early to bed, early improve. Sourya says we recognise approximately it so inform the matters which we don’t approximately it. Soundarya asks what she have to tell. Sourya asks her to tell approximately her youth. Soundarya tells them that approximately it. Kids says why they lies to them. Soundarya asks what’s theor trouble.

Kids says until now we shared our dad and mom personally and acted like believing your lies, isn’t it. Soundarya asks them to eliminate those matters from their mind.

Sourya asks if she tell them new things. Hima says perhaps new lies. Soundarya stops thrm saying our lifestyles’s are going to be full of happiness.

Sourya asks can we live as family? My dad and mom won’t get separated right. Soundarya says evils are removed so noone can separate your parents and we willl live as own family. Anandrao sneezes and tells them that it’s appropriate sign.

Deepa recalls past incident. Karthik comes to room and sit within the ground near her. Deepa says she didn’t like him sitting within the floor.

Karthik says many people defined how girl have to be but their is nothing for guys and our lives have such a lot of turns in those beyond 11 years and I by no means anticipated we can get reunited and it’s like Thoofan went out from our lives so allow’s start clean existence by forgetting the beyond.

Deepa says it’s not ended and Thoofan might also reenter our lifestyles publish 18months with her baby and what to answer our children if Mounitha enter to our vicinity so it’s better if we reveal reality to children.

Karthik sats forestall it, why you want to inform them truth? And how you deliver this worst remember to them? And what they’ll recognize? So it’s better if we shift to America earlier than Mounitha enters to our life. Deepa tries to say some thing but Karthik leaves pronouncing his choice is very last.

Next day Mounitha wakesup in jail and she thinks she will finish the punishment time by way of remembering him however we won’t met in those 18months and what if Deepa makes you forget me? And what if their bond receives stronger and what if anybody adjustments Karthik’s coronary heart? Than she thinks she gained’t provide them time to trade his heart.