Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th Saptember 2020, Bajaj went for a walk with the disorganized boys at the cookery. Prerna tells her to relax and tells her to listen to Kukki.

Kukki stutters and accuses Bajaj of being like her mother who runs away leaving her to marry someone else.

Prerna scolds her for talking nonsense and asks her to let him speak. On the other hand, Kaushik and Monish are still searching for the file to prove Kukki’s innocence.

He says that either they will find the papers or they themselves will accept the truth that they are criminals. He says that he will protect the cook at any cost.

Kukki says that Bajaj broke her car and her college companion came there to help her. She says that they went to drink tea so that the mechanic could repair the car in the meantime.

She says that holding them hands is to help the common nature. The driver comes there and says that the cookie’s car has been repaired.

Bajaj leaves and Prerna asks Kukki to give him a hug so that he cannot take his father’s words to heart. Anurag gets the papers and wonders why Prerna made such a big mistake by signing.

When Chandrika calls him Komolika comes looking for him. She introduces herself as Chandrika but Komolika cuts the call.

The papers fall under the bed and Anurag tries to pick her up, but couldn’t. He comes out angrily and confronts Komolika.

However, they get upset with Chandrika’s phone and Anurag asks her to give him the phone.

Komolika makes an excuse and goes to the room and attends the call while Anurag goes mad.

Kaushik and Monish are searching for the papers and finally the completion letter signed by Anurag is found.

The watchman thinks what is so valuable in this that they come to steal and slowly reach Monish and Kaushik.

They both spot the watchman and try to run through the other door but he is locked.

Kukki is surprised if Kaushik is just his friend and remembers his moments together.

She realizes that she really likes Kaushik and needs to share it with Prerna.

Komolika picks up Chandrika’s phone which says that Sneha is alive.

Komolika does not believe her and scolds her. Chandrika states that Prerna has visited the orphanage and sends a photo of Prerna when she came to the orphanage to deliver the orphanage papers.

Komolika says that there is evidence that tha6 Sneha is alive and Chandrika remembers what happened in the past.

She says that he tried to call her back but her number was changed. Komolika wants to see Sneha and promises to come to the orphanage.

Chandrika cut the call that Sneha is going once again for her lot of money.

Anurag tells Nivedita about the papers and asks her about the deal that led Prerna to sign her.

Nivedita lies that she does not know and Anurag cares about Prerna.

She scolds Anurag for taking care of Prerna and Anurag says that Prerna is very important and the only valuable comolica in her life.

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