Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th Saptember 2020, Chandrika has used Sneha with the idea of ​​getting money. Komolika comes to meet him. Chandrika says you have not changed, the same figure and beautiful face.

Komolika says that you too have not changed, you run an NGO to show but no one knows your greed. Chandrika says that you can kill anyone with your taunt.

Komolika says shut up, I don’t have time for this, show me the girl. Chandrika takes him to Samidha’s room and says that she is there.

Komolika gets shocked seeing Samidha. She goes and says that Prerna saved this ashram because of the help, you are lying to me.

Chandrika says that the mother can identify her child, we have named her Samidha, she was being adopted by a family.

Komolika looks at Samidha and says yes, you look the same, you are Sneha. Mr. Bajaj says I was angry because you were stammering, if you are not wrong, do not be afraid of me or anyone else.

She definitely says. Kaushik and Monu try to run through the window. The alarm rings. Guards arrive.

Kaushik says that there are censors, maybe the principal has done this, come quickly. They ran out. Guards run after them. The guards catch them.

Kaushik tickles the guard and runs away. Prerna asks to say Kyuki. Kuki says I was saying … I lie there, that man likes me, I treated him badly, I was hiding my feelings, I think I love him. Prerna smiled. Kuki says that I have feelings for him.

Prerna says it is time to celebrate, realizing that the best of the world is who she is. Kuki says that Kaushik is the nephew of Anurag.

Prerna remembers Kaushik and says that he is a good boy, I like him. Cookie becomes happy. The guards capture Kaushik and Monu. T

he principal comes there. Kaushik worries. Nivedita thinks of Anurag’s words.

She says that Anurag loves Prerna very much, it can be really bad for her, what should I do. He gets a call from Anupam again. She remembers his words. She becomes depressed.

The principal says that I will talk to Anurag, I did not know that you would be doing this. Kaushik and Monu worry. She scolds them.

Komolika states that Prerna should not know that Samidha is Sneha. Chandrika says, okay, but you have to pay money to keep your mouth shut, you think I have raised Samidha just like that, its retirement plan, I like people who understand me soon.

Komolika slaps him. She says Prerna should never know that Samidha is his daughter Sneha. Chandrika says that I proved my loyalty to you, if I told Prerna, she would have taken that girl, I just thought of you, you are Lakshmi for me. She demands money.

Komolika says that I will give you 15 lakhs, you are a clever blackmailer and earned a lot of money. Help comes. Chandrika asks why are you awake.

Samidha says I heard some voice. Chandrika says that Diwali cracker, go and sleep. Komolika says you will get cash tomorrow.

Chandrika says don’t forget. Samidha says what they are talking about. Anurag calls Komolika and asks where are you, I need to talk.

She says I do not need to talk, you called me to dinner and left. He says I too have a complaint, I need to see you. She says I’m fine.

Mr. Bajaj received the call. He asks that, she is going home every day. Principal says no, maybe you are not aware.

He shouts Prerna… ..The principal says that Prerna came to our college, she knows about Kuki’s war, I caught Kaushik red-handed, it is clear that Kuki leaked papers.

Kaushik says that Kuki did nothing. Prerna asks what happened. Mr. Bajaj passed the phone. He screams Kuki. The Principal says that I am surprised that Mr. Bajaj does not know anything about Kuki rusting, it is better that you get Kuki here so that everything becomes clear.

Prerna says okay, I will come. Mr. Bajaj says that Kaushik is a bad man, you know that. Prerna says that we have to go to college. He asks why you didn’t tell me about Jung.

Prerna says I did not tell you, she cannot do that. He states that the man steals paper from the principal’s cabin, which suggests that he did so.

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