Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th Saptember 2020, Anurag asked Komolika how Basu industries got such a large share of Bajaj industries. Komolika says that their question seems as odd as their relationship.

He should be happy and grateful to save the Basu industry, but he seems to be angry. Anurag gets a call from the principal. He disconnects Komolika and reveals that he knows her well, he must have forced Prerna to sign the papers.

He asks how did he convince Prerna? She says she will never change. She thought she would praise him, but she says that if she was expecting a compliment, she would not be hiding the paper. There is something wrong The deal is wrong.

Now Komolika received a call from the principal. She puts it on the speaker. The principal says that there is an issue, she wants to meet Kaushik and Mohnish’s parents immediately.

Komolika tells Anurag that she too will accompany him. She thinks it is a matter of Kukki and Kaushik. They should meet together so that they can take their revenge with Prerana.

Cookie is in the car. She remembers Kaushik for helping her fix the car. She tells him that he did wrong by harassing her in college. She did not know that he was such a good boy.

If she was not dry, she would spend time with him. He says that he is still in college. She says that if the investigation goes ahead, she will be found guilty as papers were leaked from her number.

He did nothing and is still getting punished for it. She embraces him. He promises that he will do anything to get her out of this mess.Presently, Kukki feels that Kaushik did all this to save him.

Mohnish gets angry at Kaushik. He warned her to stay away from the cook. Kaushik tells him that he will not take his name. Mohnish asks what is in the girl that she is risking her reputation? Kaushik says that he loves her.

He doesn’t know what she thinks of him, but he loves her. Mohnish said sorry while shouting at him. Kaushik hugs him and says he will handle it.

Mr. Bajaj reaches college. She and Cookie go inside. Prerna’s scarf got stuck in the car and the car got locked. She thinks not to bother Mr. Bajaj as she is already angry.

Komolika thinks she will help Kaushik now and use him in future. They also reach there. Anurag realizes the presence of Prerana and stops.

He helps her with her scarf. They both look at each other and remember their past moments. He pulls out the scarf and resorts to it to prevent it from falling.

They both have eyelashes. The security guard tells them that they have been called inside. Prerna thinks what happened to her. Anurag feels that the heart of Prerana is realizing what is in his heart.

Mr. Bajaj sees Kaushik and asks Kukki how many friends he has.

Komolika comes and tells Kaushik not to worry. Kaushik tells Mr. Bajaj that Kukki did nothing. Mr. Bajaj asks her to stay outside.

Mr. Bajaj asks the principal why he was not informed that his daughter was at war. Today when Kaushik is caught stealing the paper, he is telling him that this is the same paper that Kukki leaked? Kukki says that Kaushik was trying to help him.

Mr. Bajaj asks if he has actually leaked the paper? And then she got scared, so she took Kaushik’s help? Kaushik says that he did not mention anything. They just talked and she was depressed. Mr. Bajaj asks him to shut up.

Betrayal and all is normal in his (Kaushik’s) family, but not his. Her daughter was not like this, she became like this after coming into his company.

Anurag and Prerna come inside. Anurag slaps Kaushik and asks what is this? Could it go lower? He says that he is confident that Kukki cannot do anything like this, but he still has not found any evidence supporting Kukki.

Mohnish says that Kukki was upset and Kaushik was trying to bring a smile to his face. Anurag says that he should have waited till the investigation is complete, the truth will come out that Kukki did nothing.

Kaushik says that she got stuck because papers were leaked from her number. And the person who did this is that .. Everyone is shocked.

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