Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st October 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st October 2020, Anurag asks Komolika to stop the play. He says that he did not let Prerna happen. Mohini tries to stop but Anurag asks her to leave the room.

Komolika says even today, even if she begs and is sorry for all the wrongdoings done to her, she does not spare the Prerana. Anurag says that no one can love you and will be with you because you destroy life.

Anurag yells at her. Komolika does not take Anurag seriously and tries to open the door and go out. Anurag grabs her and tells her that from this time on you will not be seen in Basu’s mansion, I will give Prerana the only love with me.

Komolika now becomes serious and fades. Anurag changed his and Prerna’s own and a photo frame of Komolika. Anurag leaves from there.

Prerna is on the way and calls someone and says to buy all the shares of Basu Industries and not by Mr. Bajaj’s company but by some other name.

She thinks that she will force Komolika to get on her knees and beg me. She also thinks that she will get Sneha at any cost. He gets a call from Anurag who says where are you.

Prerna does not respond and says don’t try to distract me again with my new play. Anurag gets irritated and says that this crazy girl is not understanding that she is in trouble and I am saving her.

He then reaches where Priyanka arrives with the help of Priyanka. He then reaches the road that has Prerana. He drives Prerana’s car and then a truck behind it. He plans to move his car between the two.

Anurag successfully saves Prerna. Prerna asks him what he is doing. The goons are shocked to see someone’s work getting interrupted. Then Anurag and Prerna are chased by goons in the forest with knives.

Anurag and Prerna arrive in an empty temple. There they are both panting because they were running for so long. Prerna is angry and says that now you will say that you saved me from an accident.

Prerna taunts her that you always manage to come up with a new plan to wander me. Anurag says I am telling the truth, I was saving you.

Prerna says why will you save me? Anurag says, because he always cares about Prerna. Prerna says that I saw your care when you pushed me off the bridge and when you snatched Sneha from me.

Anurag says that I know I am sorry but for so many things that I have lost. He says that he is sorry for betraying her,

Keeping her away from him and inadvertently keeping Sneha away from him. Prerna asks her to stop the play. Anurag says Komolika had a video of Prerna in which she killed Viraj, threatening her that she would show up in court if she did not spare Prerna.

Anurag says that I had to push you to save you but I know you will survive. Prerna laughed and said that I must push through the TJ bridge to keep me alive.

Anurag again says, you remember how the story of a thorny bird is waiting for his love, I am living his life.

Prerna says that I saw you drunk and in bed with Komolika. Anurag says that we knew that you would be seeing why we had to do this because Komolika wanted to see you hurt.

Prerana tells a good story. Anurag says that you only think that if I was under the influence of alcohol, how would I remember all that.

Anurag adds how he loves spending time with Samedha and wants to make them a family again. Prerna says when you have been able to touch Samidha.

She also says that you are just molesting me. Anurag says that you only think of such a large population how Mr. Bajaj was present on the banks of the river.

Prerana is a bit surprised. Anurag says that he was also a part of this plan. Prerana surprised.

At Basu Haveli, Komolika is angry and stabs Anurag and Prerna with a knife. She calls the goons and they inform her that a boy came and saved the girl.

Komolika says that he is Anurag Basu, he had gone to save Prerna, so killed her too. Mohini is fuming after hearing this.

Comolica says today, both Prerna and Anurag will die. Mohini comes and yells at him and is about to slap him. Komolika holds her hand and says if you forgot your level Mohini.

Komolika says how it was she who did wrong with Mallo and then killed Prerna’s father and then tried to kill Sneha. Mohini is shocked to hear about Sneha.

Komolika brings a vase and strikes a siren from behind on her head. Mohini faints and falls on the bed. Komolika says that I cannot let Mohini do anything to save Anurag and Prerna.

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