Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22th Saptember 2020, Kukki apologizes to Bajaj but Bajaj taunts him. He scolds Reiran for hiding it too.

Prerna decided to own a 51% stake in Bajaj. Anurag tells Komolika about the stake. Komolika agrees and says that she snatched it away.

Bajaj scolds Prerna for giving Anurag a stake and expresses his disappointment at her. She accuses him of having feelings for Anurag.

Komolica says he received 51% of the stache for his company’s reputation. She holds him responsible for not worrying about the company.

Prerna says that she left the stake in view of Komolika’s condition. She says about the land of the orphanage belonging to Anurag and Komolika.

Prerna says that she promised to save the orphanage from Samidha and so she had no other option. Bajaj scolds him for his stupid decision.

Prerna says that she will do anything for Samidha as Samidha is her daughter. She says she will give anything for Samidha.

Prerna says that she can do anything for Samidha as she considers him her Sneha. She says that not only her but also the world may consider her a fool for her decision but for her there is nothing more than a challenge.

Komolika says she received the signal with the orphanage threatening Prerna. He threatens to uncover her dark side and warns not to provoke her.

Kaushik gets lost in Kukki’s thoughts. He apologizes to her, but does not send her the texts. Cookie also types text, but does not send.

Kaushik calls Kukki but he does not pick up the phone. He then calls her and she picks him up. Kukki asks if she has eaten food and Kukki says that she is not hungry.

He asks her to be there for him but she calls and leaves. Prerna remembers Bajaj’s words and her moments with Anurag. Prerna thinks why she is thinking so much about Anurag.

Anurag feels hiccup. Prerna gets a call from Anurag who asks if she is thinking about him. He tells her to say it so that her hiccups stop.

She remembers Samidha doing the same. Anurag says that he is feeling better now.

Prerna is about to say that she is like Samidha but stops in the middle. Anurag feels that Sneha is also like him.

Prerna asks if he called to ask but Anurag says that he asked about Kukki. She says that she is fine and she cuts off the call.

Anurag feels that Komolika did well by signing the agreement as she can now see Prerna in the office everyday.
The next morning Prerna enters the cabin where Anurag is. When Anurag calls her, she leaves.

They both argue. Prerna says that just having a 51% stake does not mean she makes a decision. She says that it will be who will decide.

Anurag agrees and says that he is more talented to make decisions. Inspiration taunts him.

Bajaj comes there and indirectly mentions Prerna about parking. Anurag understands this and answers. Bajaj taunts him.

Anurag asks if Kukki is alright but Prerna says she is not and she asks Kaushik to call her.

Anurag calls Kaushik to office. Nivedita slips and is about to fall in the house but Anupam catches her.

Komolika is troubled as Anupam who is an advocate of Anurag and Prerna.

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