Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 23th Saptember 2020, Anupam caught Nivedita and surprised everyone. Nivedita and Mohini question why she is here.

Anupam tells Nivedita that he come for her. Mohini tries to throw him out and Molloy hugs him. They congratulate each other and do unique things.

They both make fun of Mohini and Komolika. Mohini shouts at them that they are divorced but Anupam reminds her that they are not divorced yet.

Molloy Mohini says that she is the only mother who spoiled her daughter’s life. He then turns to Nivedita and says that she is loved by all, but does not know the difference between good and bad despite being just a woman.

Anupam and Molloy go inside to have a drink while Mohini and Nivedita stand irritated.

Komolika asks her to continue her play and she is leaving her first day as a boss in the Bajaj Company.

She leaves the place. Anurag asks Kaushik if he talks with Kukki and he answers no.

Anurag tells her not to lose hope. He says that it is common in love and he should not leave his side at any cost.

Kaushik says that he is ready to get any punishment from Kukki, but just wants him back in his life.

Anurag says that by seeing her he can definitely say that he is going to be a big lover boy and asks her to meet Kukki with a handkerchief.

Kaushik leaves and Anurag feels that Kaushik reminds him of himself during college time. Like Kaushik, he is ready to take any punishment to get back the inspiration in his life.

Kaushik comes to meet Kukki. Shivani forcefully brings the cook. Kukki gets angry and Kaushik apologizes for hurting her.

He says that he didn’t know it was his phone on the table and that’s how he used it. He agrees that she did not like him but later does not know when he fell for her.

He pleads not to hate her and begs her to try to forgive him.

Kukki cries and he offers his handkerchief but he does not take it.

Kaushik said that he would wait to forgive her but once again pleaded not to hate her.

Nivedita yells at Anupam to go out of the house as her love for him had died long ago. Mohini watches them from a distance.

Anupam says that he never forgot her and says that he still loves her. He reminds her of her past and says that she tried hard to forget him but couldn’t.

He says that he wants her back in his life. He looks at her face and begs her to come back. At first Nivedita struggles under her grip but soon melts away.

Mohini sees it foggy. She comes down and reminds Nivedita that she is the one who insulted her mother.

She says that she is the one who took care of the family with inspiration more than the Basu family during the marriage of Anurag and Komolika.

Nivedita says that she remembers everything but Mohini says that if she did she could have wiped out Bajaj.

She says that she was in love and still loves Anupam which is why she could not succeed in getting Bajaj.

Mohini says that he comes back for the money as all his money runs out.

Molloy comes there Anupam does not need money because he runs a small company which is doing well. He says he needs family.

He also states that he has named the company after Nivedita and Leaves. Nivedita promises Mohini that she will not check for the name but becomes happy inside.

Komolika asks Prerna to announce the employees about her new boss.

Bajaj comes there and says that he will have to pay two thousand crores to become the boss of the Bajaj Company.

He states that Prerna owns only 10% of the company while he holds the remaining 90%. She has only 5% stake in Prerna and they both own only the acting who work under her.

Komolika convinces Prerna to play smart and Prerna is unaffected. Komolika is irritated.

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