Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd October 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 3rd October 2020, Prerna did this by dressing wound on Anurag’s hand. Anurag then tells her how he never accepted Komolika as his wife and never put sindoor on her forehead.

Prerna is surprised and then asks about Diya. Anurag says that Diya has been adopted. He tells her how he used alcohol after he left and one day he says he wants a daughter and when Komolika heard this.

he brought Diya with whom Anurag got involved in a few days. Anurag says that Komolika took advantage of my attachment to Diya and told everyone that we are a happy family but now my family will be complete with Sneha and Diya.

Prerna nodded in a smiling yes. Prerna also says that she never remarried because she was angry with him but always remembers good moments with him.

They both hug and say that they will never separate now. Anurag puts vermilion on Prerna’s forehead and then whenever Anurag has done so, all the past moments are shown.

They take turns. Then they hug each other and Anurag kisses her forehead and as usual Mata Rani’s Chunari comes and falls on them, covering them.

At Basu’s mansion, Mallya finds Mohini unconscious. Molloy helps Mohini and dressing her as blood is coming out of her head.

Mohini then regrets how Komolika always did wrong and supported her because of her status and power. She says that she always knew that Anurag loves Prerana and can do anything for her,

I always rejected that relationship just because of what people would think of our class. Mohini cries, then she realizes that Komolika has hired goons to kill Prerna and they will kill Anurag too as he is protecting her.

She tells all this to Mallya, they both decide to go to the police station again.

Here, Komolika says that she can never see Anurag and Prerna together and how her and Mr. Bajaj’s plan fails and Anurag and Prerna are together.

Komolika says that I had no choice but to kill Prerna. Nivedita and Anupam are shocked. That’s when Anurag and Prerna enter, holding hands. Comolica and Mr. Bajaj is surprised.

Komolika angrily fires and says I will not let the two of you stay together. Anurag sees Mohini in a dress and asks her what happened and she goes to him.

Mohini says Komolika. Komolika tells him how amazing it was that he blackmailed Anurag to the level that he gave up the Prerana, but in reality I should have killed the Prerana instead.

Komolika describes Prerna as Mr. Bajaj, the only Prerana was so strong that she comes back to take revenge on him.

Komolika turns and takes the knife and hides it behind her back. She comes to Prerana.

Komolika then tells how she was about to kill Viraj, as Viraj was alive when he fell from the top of the hill but Komolika found him and stoned him.

She says how will I kill Prerna. She stabs but Mr. Bajaj comes in the middle and Mr. Bajaj takes the same knife and the knife between Komolika.

Mr. Bajaj then falls down and tells Prerna how sorry she is and for taking care of Kuki as her own. He also asks Anurag to keep Prerna happy and safe.

Anurag and Prerna cry and want to save her but both Komolika and Mr. Bajaj die.

The story takes a month’s leap and we see Anurag in the washroom, Prerana asking for a towel. Just when she passes.

Anurag hugs her and tries to be romantic. They then run into the room and fall on the bed. Sneha then enters, Anurag pretends that Prerna is crying but the two have no answer when Sneha asks why she is crying.

Sneha then tells them that they know that they both like to annoy each other and then spend lovely time with each other. Then they do a sweet pillow fight.

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