Kasautii Zindagii Ki 11th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki 11th Saptember 2020, Prerna thinks she has to somehow save the orphanage for Samidha. She recalls meeting Samidha while she is on her way to come here.

Regardless of vehicles, Samidha gets uprooted on the road and meets Inspire.

Prerna scolds her for this when Samidha gives her Mata Rani Chunri who gives her a handkerchief to wish her well.

Prerna asks her to promise not to endanger her life for any reason and Samidha agrees. Prerna thinks she will do anything for Samidha.

Prerna goes to check on Komolika and finds Komolika giving papers to Nivedita. N

Ivedita warns her that if Anurag comes to know about this, she is going to be very angry with him. Komolika says that Anurag cannot do anything with her and even though he knows he knows how to manage her.

He is proud to receive shares of inspiration. Prerna asks Anurag if she thinks she will play with the lives of innocent children. She leaves from there.

Komolika papers Prerna and Prerna checks her. Komolika taunts him for making him an emotional fool.

Prerna says that there are many important things in the world about money, but she is unable to understand this.

She signs the papers but refuses to give them to the orphanage before giving them the papers. Komolika sent Nivedita to get the orphanage papers, stating that she knew her well.

Komolika sends Mohini to fetch tea for inspiration but she orders black coffee. Prerna and Komolika taunted each other.

Komolika says that she should not have been hugged and kissed her husband because of which he is betting her revenge on her. Prerna makes it clear to her that she is not interested in her husband nor will the situation repeat.

Nivedita gives Prerna the orphanage papers and she examines him. Prerna threatens Komlika that if she once again harasses the children of the orphanage he will ruin her.

Komolika says that she is still the one who challenges but does nothing. She says proudly about Anurag’s name that his name is Sindoor but now both Anurag and his Sindoor belong to him.

Prerna says that she no longer wants that. Having said this she left. Anurag gets a call from his office to meet him and Anurag says that he is visiting clothes.

He says that Nivedita will attend the meeting. Anurag is about to park his car when another car obstructs his path. He gets down only to learn that Bajaj has a car.

They both argue over parking but indirectly imply inspiration. Bajaj later understands that Anurag meant inspiration and not parking.

Prerna wonders why Anurag saved her life if she did not know about the deal. She decides to clean it with him. Anurag remembers Prerna during her presentation.

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