Kasautii Zindagii Ki 12th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki 12th Saptember 2020, Anurag Suddenly his wallet falls down and he gets a photo of Prerna. He remembers Bajaj and thinks that if there is anyone he hates the most, it is he.

Priyanka’s sister is carrying boxes when someone drops ice cream on her hand.

Everyone notices large scar marks due to burns present there. Prerna comes to the orphanage to meet Priyanka. The employee congratulates him and thanks him for saving the orphanage.

Prerna asks for Priyanka and they say she is not there. He asks her to give her elder sister the papers and goes to fetch them. He goes to his sister and says about Prerna.

Hearing Prerna’s name, she confronts Anurag and remembers him and Komolika, saying how bad Sneha’s mother is and she is such a lowly woman. He wonders if its the same inspiration.

Anurag’s brake suddenly fails and the car stops with excessive pressure.

Molo asks Anurag to come out and he asks how he is here. He says of brake failure and remembers the incident when Prerna saved him due to brake failure.

He says that he realized that he wants to live to correct his mistakes. He wants the entry to be true during Diwali. Anurag takes leave and sits in the car.

He thinks he needs to rectify all his mistakes. He calls Bajaj and says that Sita will return to her in-laws this Diwali. Bajaj gets confused

Prerna is eagerly waiting as she is getting late to meet him. A girl falls down and shouts for her mother. His mother reaches there and takes him with her.

Samidha comes there and hugs her. Prerna says that she has kept her promise and they both become happy. He gives the papers to Priyanka.

Badi Masi recalls promising Samidha to bring her mother back.

Komolika is enjoying her victory while Mohini brings sweets for her.

Komolika finds Nivedita unhappy and asks for her reason. Mohini manages the situation by making an excuse.

Komolika leaves to make a call and Mohini scolds Nivedita for harassing her.

She asks if he is upset with the children. Mohini reminds him that Prerna will take care of the children. She reminds of her and Anurag’s struggles to complete the Basu City project.

She says she is finally getting back the lost recognition and dreams she lost in international trade.

She says that her hard work was not recognized by anyone but the magazine took a picture of inspiration. Nivedita becomes confident and thanks her mother for convincing her.

Komolika returns and asks Nivedita what happened that suddenly she is glowing.

Nivedita says that it is just to throw a party to celebrate her victory. Komolika agrees.

Nivedita said that she is a surprise for Komolika.

Badi Masi thinks how strange it is that both mother and daughter are together but cannot recognize each other. She calls it a game of luck.

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