Kasautii Zindagii Ki 8th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki 8th Saptember 2020, Komolika did the cutting of apples with a knife. Prerna taunts Komolika and Anurag. She asks if Anurag saved her to take revenge on her.

Komolika makes fun of Inspiration. Komolika says that she wants to give 51% of the shares of Bajaj city to Basus to save the orphanage. If she does not share, Komolika warns of the demolition of the orphanage.

Komolika taunts Prerna and weakens her with Samidha’s name. She is hurt by Sneha’s death. Prerna understands that Anurag has saved her for the deal and feels disgusted.

Samidha is worried and is crying for inspiration but Anurag consoles her. He says that he is fine as Veena has said. He tells her not to worry and tells her to stay with Prerna. Samidha stops crying. Anurag wonders how he made a big mistake like the orphanage, which is still in his name. He becomes confused as to when he signed the papers and how it reached the municipal office.

Komolika spots Samidha and feeds him sweets. He introduces himself as an angel. She asks why she is sad. Samidha says that she will get well soon and will act very sweetly.

Komolika thinks that it is because of her that she may be able to trap the motivation by making him weak. She is sure that she will definitely give them shares. Samidha says that she is going on inspiration and leaves. Prerna remembers Anurag’s words. She remembers Bajaj warning him about Anurag and says that he is strong enough to fight her.

Prerna thinks that Anurag is still emotionally playing with her, using the samidha as stated by Bajaj. He calls her crooked to send Komolika to deal with her and feels disgusted at her. Komolika thinks that she knows to bring down the inspiration using Samidha, but before that she needs to teach her husband a lesson.

Komolika calls Anurag to meet up with Prerana and tells the doctor that he treated her to save her from cold storage. She states that she is well aware of what it means to be given treatment and she asks if he warmed her body to save inspiration. Anurag asks her to keep her cheap thoughts with her and they both fight again. Anurag asks her who is the one who wanted to demolish the orphanage to expand the market town.

Komolika works as Cluless but Anurag says that he talked to the Municipal Commissioner. He says that he said everything about his conversation with her and tells her not to act. He asks her to stop whatever she is going to do. Anurag sits in his car and Prerna leaves.

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