Kasautii Zindagii Ki 9th Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki 9th Saptember 2020, Samidha covered Prerna with a shawl. She scolds him for not taking care of himself.

Priyanka comes there and is surprised at their unique relationship. Prerna spots Priyanka and asks her to come inside.

Priyanka asks Samidha if they can leave. Samidha wants to stay and Prerna asks if she can stay there for the night.

Priyanka says that Samidha has given the exam the next day and wants to teach other children. Inspiration is understood and leaves the Samidha.

Anurag looks at Chand and says that he can no longer bear hatred in Prerna’s eyes. He says that he could not afford to fall into Prerna’s eyes.

Anurag asks Chand to show him the right path. She remembers Prerna saying that whenever she feels confused she talks to the moon.

Prerna is also looking at Moon and wondering why she feels some soft spot for Anurag. She says she is sure that he saved her to get her project but still finds her heart relaxed.

She wonders if her heart is weak for Anurag to fall once again. She remembers saving Anurag.

Anurag collides with Komolika. She wants to say something but Anurag ignores her. Comolica Fume.

Prerna is still standing by the window and Mr. Bajaj takes him inside. He scolds John for not heating the room.

Prerna asks if he is tired because he missed the flight and could not attend the ceremony. Bajaj scolds her for being so careless and Prerna teases her.

Bajaj escapes. Anurag remembers the time when he pushed Prerna into the river. He says that he made a big mistake in the name of saving Prerna.

He says that he knew well that he would survive loneliness after the incident but still did so. He says that he wants inspiration back in his life because he can’t afford it anymore.

Anurag gets lost in the thoughts of inspiration. Komolika loses Anurag and realizes that she is thinking about Prerna.

He smokes as he never touched her all these years but kissed inspiration when he got the chance. She says that it doesn’t matter that she is her husband and she won’t let Prerna win.

She wants Prerna to sign the contract and establish her foothold on the city of Bajaj.

Kaushik gets lost in Kaushik’s confession and thinks what he should answer if he proposes his love for her. Kaushik calls Kukki and asks about Prerna’s health.

Kukki says that he is fine and asks if he only phoned to ask this. He says yes and Kukki cuts off the call.

Shivani remembers Anurag while trying to save Anurag and taunts him.

Veena asks what she is thinking and Shivani tells about Anurag. Veena suddenly cut her point.

She says Anurag is no more with Prerna and she is the wife of Mr. Bajaj. Prerna dreams of Anurag in danger and Wells panics.

Kukki goes to her and asks what happened. Prerna thinks why she saw Anurag in danger and feels that she needs to be saved. Who is she surprised by?

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