Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Anurag sees Sneha’s red dupatta when she says she was wrapped in it before coming to the orphanage.

Anurag reminds Sneha to deliver the woman from the orphanage who assures her that she will only give the child to Prerna. He asks her the name of the orphanage and she tells him.

She assures him that she will raise the child herself, even if inspiration does not come. He gets emotional and asks Samidha if he is Sneha.

He asks the name of the orphanage and learns that it is a separate orphanage. He thinks Sneha must have been with Prerna who is in boarding school right now. She tells him to bandage it and he does so.

On the other hand women are busy in applying mehndi. Mohini taunts Veena and asks her to apply mehndi in her hand.

Veena says that earlier she used to apply mehndi as she considered her sister-in-law and now she will apply mehndi for her new relationship.

Mohini asks that Anurag and Prerna Bhabhi say that she is with Samidha who is prostrating. She praises Samidha’s decorum and calls her a talented child.

Prerna is surprised if she tries to hurt Samidha and reaches there. Monish on the other hand beats Kaushik and says that he really likes Kukki because she is a good girl and tells him not to play with her.

Molo comes there and asks what they are discussing and Kaushik plays with him.

Prerna comes to Samidha and gets hurt. She thinks that it is Anurag who hurt her and starts scolding her. Samidha stops her and explains to her what happened.

She asks Anurag why she is enough and they both start fighting again. Samidha shakes hands with each other to make them forget their hatred. They do this for the community.

Komolika who passes by me sees it and fumes. Prerna and Anurag find it strange.

Komolika thinks she wanted to use Samidha to hurt Prerna but here it seems that she is bringing him and Anurag closer.

Molloy takes Kaushik aside and shows him the bar counter where Ronit drinks alcohol alone. He asks her to snatch her mobile as her messages with Komolika help her find something.

Kaushik goes to Ronit and starts chit chatting with him. He decides to exchange his phone by mistake so that Ronit is caught.

Ronit asks if he likes Kukki because he was looking for them to be alone. Molo tries to take the mobile but he cannot. Kaushik says that he has no feelings for Kukki. He takes Ronit’s phone on the pretext of mistake.

Ronit quickly grabbed it and retrieved his mobile. Kaushik grapples with Kukki and apologizes. Molloy sees this and smiles. Monish notices this and takes Kaushik. Anurag and Prerna release their hands remembering their past.

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