Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 19 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 19 August 2020, Prerna gets a call from Bajaj who asks for her help. She reaches her room and sees what she has to wear. Fearing prestige, Prerna teases her and Anurag watches her from outside. Veena molests Anurag while staring inside Prerna’s room. Prerna asks her to dress up in a black sherwani. Anurag asks Veena where she is taking him.

Veena says that she never wanted to see his face after what she did with Prerna, but unfortunately he became Ronit’s brother-in-law and thus he remained there. She tells him to stay away from Prerna because she knows what he did to her 8 years ago. She says that she felt that if she was with him, her daughter would be happier but the opposite happened.

Veena says that all this while thinking that Komolika is the culprit of her daughter, but in reality it is her. She tells Ronit about the misunderstanding while being a wrong person, but she is the one who helped him for 8 years. Anurag asks about Sneha and Veena warns him not to name Sneha.

Priyanka accompanies Samidha and meets Prerna. She says how excited she was to meet him and Priyanka leaves for work while Prerna says she will keep an eye on Samidha. Samidha lists her timetable and Prerna asks why she is giving it to him.

Samidha says that so that she can think about him at the right time because she gets a lot of hiccups because of her. Prerna remembers Anurag as saying the same in the past. Samidha says that her hiccups tease her children and inspiration from her troubled partner orphanage. Veena tells Anurag that this good Sneha never met her, because she was the same as Prerna. She leaves once again warning him.

Anurag comes out and hugs Prerana to a girl and talks with her. He thinks it is Sneha and stands there to get a glimpse of him but his face is not visible. Everyone is dancing happily and Prerna’s family invites Mohini to join as well, but Mohini taunts Veena’s class again. She asks Molloy why she is upset and he refuses to answer.

Nivedita comes there and apologizes for being late. She says that she had some work and Molay told of meeting Patra who asked a lot about her.

Molo remembers Patra as a successful investigating officer who settled Neil Mathur’s case, in which his own wife proved to be the killer. He loves Patra’s help to find out the reason behind Anurag’s big move, despite loving Prerna.

Nivedita says that Mohini searched the net about Bajaj’s favorite items and came there wearing her favorite color. She is confident that she can woo Bajaj and Mohini encourages him. She wonders where are Bajaj, Prerna, Anurag and Komolika.

Samidha wishes to get her hair by inspiration and she leaves it in her room. She starts doing her hair but her face is still not clearly seen by him. He gets a call from Shivani who asks him to come to his room if he has some problems. Prerna asks Samidha what she wants for Samidha and Rasgulla.

She yearns for Rasgulla in her pregnancy and leaves the place. Samidha taunts Anurag to see them hiding and says that he has prayed for both her and Prerna. She tells of never seeing her parents and Anurag feels bad for her.

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