Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 20 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 20 August 2020,Samidha tells Anurag that she wants to meet her parents once. Anurag hugs her and says that she will definitely meet him and Samidha becomes happy. Molo meets Pyatra and they both greet each other. He says that he was thinking about her. Patra says that he was invited by Bajaj.

Pyatra drinks and Molloy says that he wants to ask her a favor. He says that he wants to know the truth. Prerna comes to Shivani’s room and Shivani says that she is tired due to missing her engagement ring. She is nervous to say that this ring is very important to her as Ronit proposed her with the ring 8 years ago and she had been keeping it safe for all the years but she already lost it.

Prerna tells her not to panic and tries and finds the ring. She wishes that everything Shivani is saying about Ronit is true and she really loves and Shivani will be heartbroken.

Patra promises Molloy that he will find the truth because Anurag is also like his son. Molo gave thanks. Kukki and Anushka are dancing tiredly and Kukki drinks juice for Anushka.

Anushka tells Kukki that she sees Kaushik dancing all the time and feels that she likes him. Kaushik overhears his conversation hiding.

Kukki calls it nonsense and says that he cannot even be friends with her and it is not possible at all to like. Kaushik is shocked to hear this and thinks how he will react when he knows what he does.

Nivedita eagerly awaits Bajaj and is about to call him. But before they see Bajaj waving at him and Nivedita happily turns to him. However it is revealed that he was walking around with Shivani and Prerna and they both came before him teasing Nivedita. Shivani asks him how Ronit is doing in the company and Bajaj says that he is doing well.

Shivani leaves and Prerna wonders if she has actually worn the dress she has chosen. Bajaj says that this is his sister’s engagement and he must wear clothes of his choice. She says that she looks very happy and Prerna says that it is all because of Samidha. She says that she feels some special connection with him. Shivani announced that it is time for Prerna and Bajaj to dance and clap everyone.

Prerna gets awkward, but when she sees Anurag, he himself raises her hand and asks her to dance. Bajaj accepts this and they both start dancing. After the dance was over, Bajaj attended a call.

Samidha goes to Prerna and drags Anurag to the dance floor too. She connects Anurag’s hand with inspiration and dances with him while the others feel uncomfortable.

Bajaj also sees this and Nivedita becomes happy. Samidha escapes and Prerna is immediately released from her hand. She wonders why she feels like she lived on the dance floor a while back. Komolika comes there and tries to provoke Bajaj against Pragya but he leaves her back

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