Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 22 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 22 August 2020, Komolika asked about Anurag. Komolika says that she is not here. Mohini asks what happened. Komolika says that I had some small work, I will tell you later. She thinks the moment will end where she is. Ronit tells Shivani, tell me about the song.

Shivani sings that never mind, Ronit says your caller tune song. She sings a strange story. He says that Prerna likes it very much. Ronit says that this song is the favorite song of its Shivani and her family.

Anurag says that you think I am causing this problem, this door is stuck, not because of it, I am hurt anymore, don’t forget, you are the one I wanted to get rid of, I killed you I tried to force you out of my world. She says I remember, you have failed miserably, I am here in front of you, so that I can fail you. They heard Anjab Dastan playing the song. Ronit and Shivani dance.

Prerna remembers Anurag and his dance, his moments. She sits weeping. Kuki and Kaushik look at each other. Everyone dances. Anurag remembers Prerna. She cries and asks why did you do this, you killed the person who was not at fault. She remembers Sneha. She asks why did you finish all that, don’t you miss Sneha. She says that you sinned, you did really bad.

She says that when dreams break, it hurts a lot, but when hope dies, the person dies, I want justice, I want revenge. Anurag looks at her. She says that you did not think about Sneha even once. He holds her. She cries. Test … plays …

Nivedita says that I have cracked the project for the company. Mr. Bajaj says that I do not understand certain things, can I ask directly, we cannot keep anyone, why are you telling me this. She thinks how can I say that I am trying to impress you.

Komolika sees him and thinks he is here, which means that Prerna must have come out of the washroom. Nivedita asks all right. He asks why are you shocked to see me? She says that I am going to the washroom. He says take Nivedita along, someone lock me up, she will help you. He goes. Nivedita says that I was trying to impress her, Prerna interrupts to disturb, I turn off Prerna, I was trying to impress her, you should have come later. Komolika slaps her and says I shut her down, you thwarted my plan, I wanted to see Anurag close to Mr. Bajaj, she is alone there.

Nivedita says that you should tell me the plan, Mr. Bajaj may suspect me, I should open the door. Mr. Shivani Bajaj’s call comes. He says that Prerna’s number is not connecting Shivani says that she is not with me. He goes after Komolika. He says that maybe he is in the room.

Mohini calls Anurag. He looks at Komolika and leaves. Komolika goes inside the washroom. She is shocked to see Anurag and Prerna together. Nivedita, Mohini, Shivani come. They are also shocked to see them nearby. Anurag runs away. Anurag remembers Komolika’s words.

He says that Prerna is manipulating, she said she hates me, she came after me, she weakened and cried telling the past, I just shrugged her, so she hugged me, she hugged me Asked to apply, then I came. , You’ve seen her play, never finished. Prerna gets shocked. He says that she was saying that she won by screwing up Basu project, she said she is happy, why are you behind me, be happy.

Komolika asks if you hug her. He says no, he hugs me, I get irritated. Prerna asks how dare you. Mr. Basu comes and says Mr. Basu… .The party is over, I think you should go home. He tells Shivani to go to her room. Anurag feels that I did this so that you and Sneha do not come back to me, just go away, there is no room for human and human feelings.

Prerna thinks about his words. Mr. Bajaj asks her to be strong, why he is impressed by her words. He says that I promised that I will be with you, how can you fall down, you cried today, you did not become strong. She says that there was pain, you cannot understand what is the pain of losing a child, this pain was within me, I had a question for Anurag, why did he do this, I always think of Sneha When I see him, he used to wait to meet Sneha, but he did so, how much he could fall down.

He says sorry, please calm down. She says I know I got emotional, Anurag exploited me, he killed my daughter. Anurag feels that Prerna will take Sneha and leave the city, she is not safe here. Prerna says that Anurag was Sneha’s father, he had no crime. He says I promise you, I will always be with you. She says that I never forgive Anurag.

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