Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 25 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 25 August 2020, Anurag said that Prerna got emotional, her eyes ached, so I hugged her, you know how much I miss Sneha, tell me what to say on the 24th fab, yes or no. That no.

He said it’s Sneha’s birthday, you don’t know how much I always cry, she’s just 8 years old, she doesn’t know about her father, I know about her father, I don’t know where she is Is it because you, you dropped me in the eyes of Prerana, I don’t know what she looks like, I promised to be with her forever, what did I do, I broke her promise and left her, it’s all yours Is due to Samidha calls Prerna and says I want to thank you, you have so many things for me, I love a dress, I will show you what I chose for myself.

Prerna says come tomorrow, I will wait. She thinks that when I miss Sneha, you come into my life and ease my pain. Komolika asks what you need. Anurag scolds her.

He says I know my limits, do not test my patience, do not try to stop me, I will not stop for what I do, what was our deal, tell me, do not be afraid, I quit.

Prerana given, but you did not ask me to stop loving her, you also cling to her, I would have hurt you a lot if Prerana and Sneha didn’t have a life about it.

Mohini comes and asks them to give her sweets. Komolika says I’m tired, I have to meet Ronit. She goes. Mohini sees the falling things. She thinks that Komolika expresses her anger, the Prerana again turns out to be bad for us. Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna.

He sees her sleeping. He thinks I wish I could take away your pain, just like I snatch other companies in business. Hawayein… .plays…. He looks after her. Anurag thinks of words of Prerana. He thinks Sneha is probably in London for studies, maybe I don’t know anything, I need to find out.

Komolika thinks how he got angry with me, no, he cannot be affectionate. She prays that he should get sleep and she does not shout at him. She goes to the room and sits until he falls asleep. Early this morning, Prerna sees Sneha’s pick and kisses.

She looks at the quilt and thinks that while I slept, she would not have realized that Kuki would have done it, everyone is taking care of this family, Samidha is coming today, I get her favorite dessert Will go.

Komolika wakes up and thinks that I could not sleep all night due to fear, and she is sleeping well. she gets angry. She thinks she looks innocent now, she told him that she never accepted me, I will give Prerna a great price, this time, my revenge will shock you, my target will be that girl, Samidha. Says the Prerana cookie.

Kuki says, I am at Anushka’s place, I did not want Dad to know that I have not gone to college, don’t worry, I will come home in the evening. Prerna says you will go to college soon, someone is calling me again and again.

Kyuki asks her to answer the call. Prerana reaps. Anushka asks how long will you hide it. Kyuki says that the relationship between me and Dad is not normal, he does not love me, if he knows that I am disappointed, then he will be embarrassed. Anushka says I understand how this difference came. Because time says, leave it. Prerna is on the way and talks to Samidha. Samidha calls her to the temple.

Anurag comes to the temple. He looks at Samidha. She runs to him and falls. He says that you are hurt, you should be careful, we will go to the doctor. She says I have a first aid box, I have to become a doctor. He enters the temple with his back on it. I am the queen of Baba… .play…. He helps. She says that your daughter also wants to become a doctor, okay. He remembers Sneha.

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