Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 26 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 26 August 2020, Samidha asks about her daughter. She asks him to strip thinking that she is his daughter. Anurag is also afraid to put a bandage.

Prerna comes there and pushes Anurag. They both fight by applying medicine. Prerna asks how she got hurt and accuses Anurag even after Samidha clears up.

Prerna starts applying medicine and Anurag fights her.

A disheveled Samidha sees her and applies the medicine. They both fight over who loves Samidha the most.

After they have a lot of estrangement, Samidha shouts at them and asks if they are husband and wife. They remember their vermilion marriage and are stunned.

When they drown in past memories, the pundits wish them to be together forever and make offerings.

Komolika is given some papers and thinks to get a hint of Anurag. Samidha asks if they are husband and wife and Prerna says they are not.

She says that there will be some setbacks due to broken trust. Samidha injures Anurag’s hand, who was injured last night during his fight with Komolika.

Samidha asks Prerna to apply for the medicine but she refuses. Samidha applies medicine on him and tells Prerna to apply air to the wound. They treat his wound.

Anurag thinks about how strange he is with Samidha despite being a stranger and wonders about their relationship. Prerna wears Samidha in her bag and sends her to sit in the car.

She taunts Anurag for threatening Kukki and says that he has started the investigation and that he will not leave her if his name is involved in it.

She leaves and Komolika sees them. She thinks that she would get annoyed if she first saw them together, but now it is necessary for her next plan and looks at the papers.

Kaushik is worried about Sneha when a girl informs him that she is the class topper. He does not think much about it and asks if the investigation has started. They say yes and he feels relieved because he himself does not dare to accept the truth.

Prerna and Samidha come home and Samidha learns that she did not inform anyone of her departure because she was missing him and they will not allow it.

Prerna calls it bad manners and Samidha apologizes to her. She gives him some gifts including a chunari in which she was wrapped while bringing her to the orphanage. Motivation gets into thinking.

Komolika comes to Anurag’s office and gets her attention to sign the papers. He gets a call from the college, who says that an investigation has started against Kukki and asks for permission to check Manish and Kaushik’s phones as well.

Anurag asks him to proceed, while Komolika has the college examination papers. Anurag also signs it without reading it.

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