Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 27 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 27 August 2020, Samidha tells Prerna about her mother and says that I took them to the police station and asked them to find out about my mother, but they started laughing and say that to find such dupattas in the market is very easy.

She says when I went to the market alone, I noticed that there are a lot of scarves in the market. Prerna thinks that she is right, such dupattas are easily found in the market any day.

On the other hand Komolika is filled with anger that Prerna is embracing Anurag.

She thinks that now I have to do something drastic to get Prerna and Anurag against each other and she takes out some legal paper from an envelope and thinks that it will now become a medium of misunderstanding between Prerna and Anurag.

He remembered that Anurag had signed the papers in a hurry and that the papers are legal orders for the demolition of the orphanage.

She is happy to think that this will create a huge gap between Prerna and Anurag.

Prerna comes to the orphanage with Samidha to learn about her birth and her mother and when she gets a call from someone to the orphanage manager and informs Prerna that she can get some people from the orphanage to destroy it If she is calling, she is going to ask for the same. Samidha asks Prerna to help them as it is her home and they are not listening to her plea.

Prerna telephoned the municipal office to learn about the order and asked them to order to cease work.


She says that I am treating you guys well now, but if this work is not stopped, I will be the worst with all of you. She says that I am waiting, please stop this work now.

Komolika feels that Prerna must be restless to save the orphanage, but she will not be able to do so because of her limitations as people have legal orders with Anurag’s signature.

Komolika tells Mohini who gets worried after listening to her talk.

Komolika calls Ronit at his home so that he can share the news with her, while Prerna gets a call from the municipal office about the order to stay on the demolished work. He informs her that this is just a temporary order based on the investigation.

Prerna says that my legal department will handle the necessary formalities and thank them for saving the house of so many children who are residing in that center.

Komolika shares everything with Ronit when she comes to know about her mehndi ceremony from Shivani and she asks for a mehndi from her house, but she says that we have no such rituals, but I am in my family. I will talk with and tell you.

Komolika says that Ronit’s servant will manage the hard worker and he explains his flow work in detail and he says that you took a huge risk because it is not going to remain hidden from Anurag for long so we have to think of a good excuse And furthermore, we need to delay the information to reach Anurag.

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