Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 28 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 28 August 2020, Komolika enters her room and finds Anurag in the washroom. He learns that Anurag doesn’t know anything yet.

Rohit calls Anurag to confirm the orphanage. Komolika picked up the phone and asked if it was okay to demolish the orphanage as they are many innocent children.

Komolika lies that Anurag is a business man and does not want an orphanage near the Basu city project. She asks him to move on.

Prerna on the other hand tells Samidha not to worry as the lawyer is on the way. She assures him that no matter what happens, she will make sure to save her orphanage. She says she is like his daughter.

Samidha says that God has sent her just for her and thanks. She asks him to promise that everything will be alright and Prerna does so. The lawyer comes there and calls him aside.

He says that he has filed a petition in the relevant fields not to worry. Prerna asks who is behind all this and the lawyer reveals that it is Anurag Basu.

Anurag comes out of the washroom and finds Komolika holding her phone. She lies that the municipal commissioner called her to invite her for a birthday party and she declined the request as Rohit and Shivani have a mehndi ceremony the next day. A

nurag snatches the phone from her and asks her not to touch her phone for any reason and leaves.

Komolika feels that her work is done and is no longer a problem. Prerna is shocked to hear Anurag’s name. Priyanka says that Anurag donated as much money to as many orphanages as possible and why he would do so.

The lawyer says that this land comes under Basu City project and they have decided for their project. Priyanka thinks why a good man like Anurag would ignore the welfare of children.

Prerna realizes that Anurag has a personal agenda and is doing all she can to get revenge from him. She shouts and stops questioning Anurag.

Kukki and Kaushik collide with each other and fall in the blink of an eye. Kukki says that she hid from her father about the suspension and Anushka staying at her house.

She says she cannot continue to do so and therefore wants to submit a leave letter so that she can continue to another college. She leaves and Kaushik blames herself for it.

Prerna comes to Anurag’s house and shouts for him. Raki says that Anurag is not at home but Prerna does not believe and walks into her room in anger.

Mohini calls him classless and Raka says that Prerna is annoyed. Mohini remembers Komolika’s words and realizes that this is all her plan. She says that Raki is not bothered about all this as his commercial rivalry.

Prerna comes to know of Komolika and takes her out on behalf of Anurag to play with the lives of innocent children. Komolika says that it is all because of her and reminds them of their hugs.

She says that this is just an emotional game she played on him. Prerna challenges to save children at any cost. Komolika also challenges for the same and inspiration.

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