Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 29 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 29 August 2020, Kaushik comes there waiting for Kukki and Kukki. Kaushik stops him and asks what happened.

Kukki says that Mam told that she cannot leave the college before the investigation. She does not know what to do.

Kaushik says that he believes in her, but she says that others don’t believe him. She says that she is only ready to give her war letters and Kaushik jokes with her.

Kukki leaves smiling at her joke but Kaushik tells him not to worry. Kaushik gets stressed.

When Samidha comes there, I am missing the words of Prerna Komolika. She asks how she is here when Samidha says that Priyanka is down with the lawyer.

Samidha asks her to tell everyone that she can leave whenever she wants and cannot stop her.

Kaushik thinks why he was worried about Kukki when he really hates her. He feels restless, while on the other hand Kukki remembers Kaushik paying attention to him.

She calls him and apologizes to him for crying in front of him and Kaushik jokes with him. Kukki smiled upon hearing this. Kaushik says that he is not like the other girl and praises her.

Kukki finds it strange and they both tease each other.

Kukki says that it seems that they know each other very well but Kaushik says that he is not well aware of her.

She cuts the call and thinks that she never liked any boy after this incident but Kaushik is different.

Priyanka apologizes to Prerna for disturbing her during the night and Prerna tells her not to worry.

Samidha signals to Prerna what she said earlier.

Prerna asks Priyanka to let Samidha meet whenever she wants.

Priyanka is grateful that Prerna handled the situation and she does not know where she went with all those children.

Prerna tells her not to worry as she takes care of everything. He sends Samidha and Priyanka along with the driver and gets into thinking.

Prerna thinks of Sneha and says that she will not save Sneha, but she will not let this happen to Samidha.

Mohini supports Nivedita about Rakhi while Nivedita loses.

Mohini asks what happened and Nivedita asks how Komolika can do such a cruel thing with the orphanage and innocent children.

Mohini tells her not to get into the mess but Nivedita feels bad and she asks how she can support Komolika.

Komolika comes there and threatens Nivedita to get her out of the house and asks her to stay in the border. Mohini handles the situation and

Comolica originates. Prerna is working in a laptop when Veena arrives there.

Prerna apologizes to Jot for helping her in the wedding preparations but Veena says that she is only worried about him and asks what happened.

Prerna says that she sees Samidha as her daughter Sneha and wants to harm her for the same by demolishing the Anurag orphanage. He vows not to let her succeed this time.

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