Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 3 Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 3 Saptember 2020, Anurag thinks that I had to lie about the poisonous thorn, otherwise he would have endured the pain. On the net, Rose checks Prerana for the family.

she gets angry. A man tells employees about the faulty door lock. Prerna calls Anurag and says that you think I am an idiot, you lied to me, you answer me, here is a bad network.

He says don’t excuse bad networks. She goes to get icrames. She says that you got scared. He says that you come in front of me and talk, where are you.

The employees listen to him and say that Madam went to the cellar, the network is bad there. Anurag says okay and goes.

Kaushik says I just want to see Kuki happy, I smile when I see her smiling, I’m confused, I don’t like her, but now I see the girl I was looking for . He gets Anushka’s call and goes away.

Kaushik says that nothing will happen in your career. Monu says that you decide who you will save. Molloy gets Ronit’s phone and says that his password is safe. He tells Monu to go and eat something.

Kaushik says I got a little lost. Molloy says that I have stolen this phone. Kaushik says that manners. Molloy says Ronit is a big sinner. Kaushik says that Ronit’s phone comes to Anurag Prerna.

She says stay there. He says, I have to talk to you, maybe you are hurt, I am not afraid of you, handle your tone. She says that you used to find small excuses to fight, you loved me at that time, maybe.

He thinks you’re right, there’s a small excuse that I’ve come here, I want to be with you, I don’t want to lose you. She says you can’t forget me, well, I don’t know what college girls saw in you, you had no attraction and you still have no attraction. She stops him and says how you fell in love with me. Chief Tamara… .Play… They miss their moments.

Shilpa says that Ronit is the same guy who bothers you a lot. Ronit signals him to shut up. He asks how are you Shilpa? Shivani says she is my best friend, we were talking.

Ronit says that we are going to marry Shilpa, many people are skeptical about our marriage, maybe you are one of them, we are not considering the past, we like to live in the present, I Love you Shivani Shivani says that I love you too.

He tells Shilpa to click her pics from her phone. He does not find his phone. Shivani asks what happened. He thinks

Prerna remembers Anurag and Komolika. He says that I got tired of fighting with you, sorry, I am really sorry for everything you said to me.

She says I do not want to listen. He closes the door and says listen to me, two minutes. She turns away. He says that you loved me, why, did you think, the moments we spent together were beautiful, I’m tired now, I’m listening to your taunts, I want to tell you the truth, I did all that. Why did you do it.

Prerana looks at him. Kaushik says that the password is not Shivani’s birthday. Molo says to enter on Komolika’s birthday Kaushik says that we have to think well.

Molo says that maybe Ronit wants to become a millionaire, enter Komolika’s name, there is a lot of love between them. Kaushik says no.

Molloy says that I will ask Patra to crack the password. Kaushik thinks whom he wants to investigate. Komolika thinks why Ronit was irritated seeing Shilpa. Mohini asks did you see Molloy. Komolika says that I think he is suspecting you, he has stolen your phone.

Mohini says I have my phone. Komolika says that I saw her, where Nivedita is. Mohini says she left. She thinks that Wish Nivedita would have found a rich man and would have got a life.

Komolika says that Anurag’s phone is unavailable. Anurag says, I did very bad with you, I lied and hurt you, really sorry, you were crying, I hugged you, I did not wish to calm you down but heal your wounds.

Prerna says that you are lying. He says look in my eyes, am I lying. She says this is the problem, your innocent face covers your deception, you said that you love me, I will not believe you, it seems that you are telling the truth, but no, I am not Can not believe, you have become a liar, a cheater and a greedy person, this motivation is different.

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