Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 31 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 31 August 2020, Komolika stared at her brother. She removes evil eyes from him and says that she is doing something that no one else would ever do for her sister.

She says that she agreed to marry Shivani despite hating him only for him.

Ronit says that he is the most important person in his life and he will do anything for him. He asks why he did not ask anything from Bajaj as dowry as it was his plan.

Komolika says that she asks not as a dowry but as a favor. She says that she was definitely going to cause some problems before marriage. He tells her to leave and she is ready.

Mohini and Nivedita come there and put on clothes and say that they will go first and the men will arrive late until they are ready.

Komolika says that they will all go together as a happy family and asks Taposh to call them all.
Suman arranges mehndi for Shivani and gets busy with her work.

Veena tells Prerna that Shivani is nine to Badal due to marriage. She says she also has a surprise. Veena says that Sneha is here and she shows her support.

She says that Samidha resembles her and Prerna asks if she is also similar to Anurag. Soon he realizes what he said and gets weird.

Samidha embraces Prerna and Veena becomes happy. Prerna asks Samidha to apply mehndi but she says that she needs to help Priyanka.

Veena hugs Samidha as emotional. Komolika and her family come there and Veena congratulates them.

Veena gets enraged at seeing Anurag as he is the reason for Inspire’s struggle to save the orphanage.

Komolika made fun of her, saying that if she committed a good murder, she would certainly not kill her son by now.

Veena says that this is true and she is tolerating him for the happiness of Shivani. Komolika gives Suman the groom’s side mehndi and she takes them inside.

Molloy meets Kuki and befriends him. Kukki remembers the past where he was in a wheel chair and Molo recalls the time when she was mute.

Kukki says she doesn’t remember how she got her voice back. Molloy feels that some terrible things should not be missed and says that he got rid of the wheel chair by his father.

He is about to ask something but Veena calls him and she leaves. He is eager to know about Sneha.

Kauki hums along with Kaushik and they both share their first impression with each other.

They become awkward with their growing sense and get into a romantic moment.

Monish grabs his eyelid and takes Kaushik. Priyanka collides with Komolika and requests her to withdraw her decision from Anurag.

Komolika lies that Anurag gets angry when someone asks about him and asks Anurag not to ask about it.

Priyanka agrees and leaves. Anurag praised Sneha for grooming her and she was hurt.

He discovers Bandgi but she gives him the red kerchief, stating that he was even brought to the orphanage wrapped in Lal Chunri.

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