Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 4 Saptember 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 4 Saptember 2020, Prerna told Anurag that if she was an old inspiration, she did not fall for her words, but now she knows her true colors.

She says she doesn’t want anything to do with him and is about to leave but finds the door jammed. She blames Anurag for this and Anurag tries to open it but his hard work knocks on the door. Prerna yells at her to annoy her.

When Anushka comes there, Kaushik gets lost in Kaushik’s words. The two had some chit chat when Anushka spots Kaushik.

She says Kukki that just like Kaushik, she is very lucky for someone. Kukki gets irritated due to his anger over Kaushik. Anushka congratulates Kaushik and says that they were talking about him.

She praises him for his look. Kukki leaves her, chasing Kukki. Anushka is sure that Kaushik is interested in Kukki.

Ronit comes to Yo Mehendi section and searches for his phone. He asks Shivani if ​​he saw her phone but she refuses. They all begin the search.

Ronit reminds Kaushik that he is trying to snatch his mobile and is sure he won’t take it. Kaushik asks Kukki why is he upset over her? Kukki says he is not but Kaushik is not convinced.

He is hesitant to tell her what he did wrong but Kukki tries to avoid him.

Prerna and Anurag fight in the cold storage room and Anurag recalls their previous memory.

Prerna holds Anurag responsible for all the chaos in his life. Kaushik is still trying to convince Kukki when Ronit comes there.

Kukki runs away after getting a chance. Ronit asks Kaushik to give his mobile back but Kaushik says that he did not have it.

Ronit says that he knows he has it and asks him to give it back but Kaushik continues to deny it.

Prerna remembers Anurag where she made fun of him when he got emotional in the bathroom and said she would never do it again.

Molo phones his investigating officer friend and asks him to find a clue. Her friend says that she has already asked him to keep an eye on her son and he feels Ronit is involved in Prerna’s grief.

Ronit grabbed Kaushik from behind and threatened him to give his phone back to him. Kaushik kept asking him to let go of the hand, but he did not listen.

Kaushik himself released his arm and hugged Ronit. Shivani comes there and they both do normal acting.

Shivani was relieved and Kaushik left the two alone.

Prerna makes fun of Anurag for what will happen when Komolika realizes that they are once again trapped inside a room. Anurag gets closer to Prerna.

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