Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 17 August 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Ki Today Episode 17 August 2020, Prerna is looking at pictures of Shivani and Ronit’s investment. She looks at Samidha’s picture and smiles. Samidha hiccups and asks Priyanka what she has thought of her. Priyanka did not say, sleep, I will take water for you.

Samidha said no, I already have water, please call Prerana. Priyanka asks, well, I love you and you take advantage of it. She is called Prerana. She apologizes for calling you this time. Prerana is ok, you can call me. Priyanka says Samidha is hiccuping, she wants to talk to you.

Samidha picks up the phone and asks if you missed me? Prerana asks how you know, I was looking at our pictures and remembering you. Samidha said my hiccups stopped, now I go to sleep, you will sleep too, you will remember me when we meet, I want to impress something. Prerana asked her to come with Priyanka. Samidha says okay. Prerana seems to be that this girl brought back my lost smile.

Kaushik called Kuki. She says you know I rusted. He thinks. She says I don’t like people who can’t express themselves like my father. He says, no, I know how to express, I just called to ask, I hope you’re okay. She says tell me how you will stay in my place. He says yes, maybe I felt uncomfortable too, I get a clean chit and hope I get back to college, I think you’re innocent. She thanked him for believing in her. He says yes, why not. He disconnects the call.

Shivani’s music started. Prerana tells Veena to do anything, but be happy. Shekhar asked Mahesh to check the system again.

Prerana was seen holding Komolica and Anurag by the hand. The test… plays… Komolica tells him to look like a happily married husband. He says I’ve been doing this for 8 years, don’t worry, I know acting. He thinks she wants me to be misunderstood by Prerana, so that she can be strong, I can fall in her eyes. Prerana welcomes them.

Komolica says we can’t live without each other. Anurag says of course. Where everyone has a habit of harassing, Prerna said. Komolica says they are coming.

Mr. Bajaj is on the way and cancels the transaction. Molloy thinks I should explain to Prerna that Anurag is not like that, I know she will never come back to our house, but we can meet Sneha. The Prerana came from Mr. Bajaj’s phone. He says I’m coming back home. She asks when you get to London. He says, no, I don’t think it’s right. She told him to come, he would be fine. He says he will meet you and the call will end. She looks at the Kuki. She says your dad is coming back, we won’t discuss anything today. Kuki nodded. Prerana goes to take water. She drinks water and holds a glass.

Anurag gets water. He takes a glass of Prerana and sees the mark of the lipstick. I yours. Games. He remembers the Prerana. Prerana finds its glass. Anurag looks at her and holds the glass. Komolica looks.

Anurag wonders how she can get here, what the kids will do here. He looks at the Kuki and speaks. Molloy stops Perrna and says you think I’ll talk about business. She says no, I don’t blame you for Anurag’s mistake, you know you live with Anurag and Komolica, you love him, there’s nothing wrong with that, don’t think anything, I’m away from my family too, the situation was like this , Our relationship will always be the same. He asks you don’t get upset, no doubt about it. She said no, no. He says sorry I wasn’t there. She says it’s good, otherwise I couldn’t have been a stronger woman. He says yes, but Anurag… Veena comes and asks him to come.

Anurag says I just want to say sorry, I am not joining, I have not read your name on the form, I am not going wrong with you. Kuki says the Prerana told her you were ruining my career to get her revenge. He says listen, when you came to Kolkata as a child, you connected with me. Kuki said I remember, when I came back I saw you at the airport, I understood that you are the only one who can do anything in the joy of Prerana, but now you have changed. He is right, I have changed, but believe me, I want the best for you, I care about you from the bottom of my heart, believe me, I will solve this college problem, you will get a clean chit. Kuki said the Prerana also said, I didn’t do anything wrong. She goes.

Prerana takes Anurag aside and hits him. He says I was telling her that everything will be fine, I have problems with you, I like everyone here except you.

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